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April Favourites 2013

Apologies for a post instead of a video but I don't have time to get everything together, sit down and film the video, edit it, wait for it to render and then upload to YouTube (if you don't make videos for YouTube you have to experience the process to fully understand the time it takes to make videos and then add a couple more hour's for wifi hickup's, internet dropouts and uploading to YouTube servers).

The first thing I'm really excited about are my fave Wedge Booties (I can't remember the style name) by London Rebel I find these hard to keep clean as they are a suede kind of texture and this attracts a lot of carpet fallout etc. but I'm really excited to have them (I recently received these along with a few more of my possession's from the UK) and I'm taking these with me to Auckland on the 17th!

These are comfy (the test will be wearing them for long periods of time). I think they're cute. I'll be wearing these with jean's, legging's and dresses.

Unfortunately, this style isn't in stock anymore but I've seen similar style's recently by other brand's. I prefer wedge booties or chunky heal boot's to flat boot's or boot's with stilettos. I wouldn't say no to these in a similar style in Navy Blue or a Brown colour!

The next few thing's are staple item's so a couple of thing's will need replacing soon because I've loved and used them frequently. I don't like the word's Holy Grail but they are indeed holy grail item's!

MOR Cosmetics | Sugar Rose Tiger Lily Hand Cream. I received this luxury hand cream in my GoodieBox subscription. I'd never tried any product's from MOR before, it's a brand I've wanted to try, so I finally got my first product and I love this, it's nicely scented and isn't overpowering - it's moisturising and non-greasy. I reviewed it here if your interested in a proper review of the product. If you'd like to buy it from MOR it's here (80ml) AU$14.95.

I've noticed my hand's are nourished and feel softer and I even think it's helping my nail's from being so fragile. I definitely will either buy this scent when it run's out, or buy another MOR hand cream and I'm also keen to try out other product's. I'm trying to shop my stash rather and save a bit of money.

My favourite perfume for the past 2+ year's has been Angel by Thierry Mugler.

This fragrance was released in 1997 and back then I thought it was too strong -  it's a gourmand scent so I decided it wasn't for me, but whilst shopping in duty free, I decided to re-sniff it because I was looking for a new perfume.  I now absolutely love the scent, it smell's like chocolate and pralines and you need a tiny squirt and it last's all day. I find, the more you spray, the stronger it is and it can be a little too much for some people so a little spray goes a long way.

It last's on my skin for an entire day! I have the Eau du Parfum in a 25ml refillable bottle and this can be refilled at Farmers and chemist's with refilling station's so I'll be refilling before it run's out completely, which is cheaper than buying a brand new bottle, plus I'm helping the environment by reusing my glass bottle. I love the Star design but it also comes in other sized bottle's with the Star either in bottle design like mine or a Star lid. More about Angel here. I'd go as far to say this is now my Signature scent!

My favourite makeup brush to apply my liquid foundation is the Flat Top Face Brush by XOBeauty. Shannon aka Shaaanxo (a New Zealand beauty guru on YouTube) created these brushes.

I actually like all four brushes in the face set I bought from her online shop, but this one is my absolute favourite. I've mentioned it in my March Faves here. I also reviewed the 4 piece face brush set here.

The brushes are synthetic so they're not made from Animal hair. I'm against using brushes made from Animal Hair!

You can buy this brush here for NZ$26 (FREE postage within NZ and Australia, International Shipping available too) or in the 4 piece set here NZ$80 (these link's aren't Affiliate link's) I bought this set and like it so much I want to let you know XOBeauty, I like supporting other blogger's.

I found this bottle of the Estée Lauder Makeup Brush Cleaner on a sale table in my local Unichem in Summer and it was $10 (normally $35 for 235ml) so I was happy to try it as I've never tried a professional brush cleaner before. I don't want to go back to the baby shampoo way of cleaning my brushes. This brush cleaner works to deep clean all of my synthetic makeup brushes and I hope that I can buy it again for under $35 or find something just as good for under $20. I write a full review of this product (once I catchup on other thing's I want to post about first) I hope it'll be soon.

I've been wanting an Ecoya candle for the longest time. I love Australian brand's and I also like to use Soy candle's (because they burn clean, seem to burn a decent amount of time and the throw is pretty good - the throw mean's the scent) but everytime I went into a local Homewares shop in my town I found these were super expensive (as they normally are from boutique homeware shop's) so I was overjoyed at seeing Ecoya on offer in  at Farmers in March (yes it's taken me too long to talk about it).

The Farmers deal was spend $25 on  Ecoya and receive a Gift With Purchase (a free Ecoya Handcream of your choice, which cost NZ$29.95), so I bought two Mini Metro Jar candle's for $24.95 each to receive gwp handcream, then I used my Farmers Clubcard (a Free to join store reward card that gives you money back to spend instore) I had $20 reward so I redeemed it (good's worth $79.85 including the handcream) but reduced in the Offer to $49.90, less $20 Farmers card reward so all 3 for $29.90. I love a 3 for 2, a GWP or a Buy 1 Get One Free!

This candle is in French Pear and it's beautiful. This scent is also the scent I decided upon for the free gift handcream (which I've yet to use). I haven't burnt the other candle in a Vanilla Bean yet. I think Ecoya's a great brand and well worth the money but even better if you can get it on Offer. I'll definitely will be buying more Ecoya product's from now on!
Now the weather has changed and it's getting colder and more windy I'm prepping my lip's for the big chill of Winter.

I use the Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Glow or I reach for the Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream.

I've reviewed both the Maybelline here and the Nivea here.

I also like a little colour on my lip's and find the Wet n' Wild lipstick's are crazy pigmented, long lasting and affordable and applies nicely over the top of either the lip balm or the lip butter smoothly.

Think Pink (901B) which I've read on other blog's is a dupe for the MAC Creme Cup Lipstick. I don't have the Creme Cup to compare them but from online swatches they really do look very similar and you can probably buy 2 or 3 of the Wet n' Wild lipstick's for the cost of one MAC! I reviewed Think Pink here.
If you follow me on Twitter or have seen a few of my Monthly Beauty Favourites videos subscribe here then you'll know I've included Batiste quite often and my favourite scent is Blush but in Countdown a month or so ago I found the new packaging and a new scent I'd not tried before, so I decided to try the mini can to see if I liked it as much as Blush. I think I love it just as much.

The new scent I bought is Coconut and Exotic Tropical in 30g NZ$8 or the larger can is $17.

What can I say other than this is the best brand of dry shampoo I've used. I still have more than half a can of the Blush but I've been reaching for this one which I'm keeping in my handbag organiser and I'm definitely going to buy the bigger can of this scent once this run's out.

I use this 3 times a week (on day's I don't wash my hair). I find even though it spray's white you just need to work it into your scalp with your finger's and the white disappear's. It smell's lovely, it doesn't leave my scalp irritated, or feeling dirty, limp, oily. Batiste is definitely my preferred Dry Shampoo!

Finally the last thing, even though I know I've had a lot to talk about, thanks for bearing with me, I have two new Tea favourite's Twinings Herbal Infusions Pure Peppermint Tea and Dilmah Green Tea with Natural Lemongrass and Lemon (teabags).

I bought both of these in Countdown I think they cost $8 each box for 25 individually wrapped Pure Peppermint teabag's and I think you get 25 also in the Dilmah box.

I like both these tea's because their different flavour's. I'm trying to drink more tea for it's anti-oxident properties than drinking coffee, since giving up my thrice daily cup's of Coffee in the past few day's, I've had splitting headaches, but this afternoon I feel less jittery and I've weaned myself off the caffeine, I think.

I'm not a big tea drinker but I do enjoy a cup of Twinings Early Grey Breakfast tea from time to time and I now think tea is the way to go and I feel it's a more refreshing drink than coffee. I won't be giving up coffee altogether I'm just cutting down to one cup a day and if you enjoy coffee you'll know how hard it is to limit yourself to one cup a day (I might even downgrade to Decaffeinated coffee soon).

So that's it for my April faves and I'm sorry it seem's like such a long post, with the amount of hour's I've spent writing up this post, including the link's, cropping and labelling my photo's I could probably have made a video but this is the first time I've decided to change my writing layout and I like it. I might try writing the next few post's in this style but I'd like to know if you like this style, or perhaps prefer an alternating layout eg some post's with larger images, please comment below.

I hope to make a May Faves video at the end of the month and I'm trying to schedule one or two videos a week from next week and/or trying to schedule a couple of post's a week.

Thanks for your continued support by bookmarking, commenting, liking, pinning, reading, sharing, and subscribing. Please let me know what your April Faves are by commenting and including your blog link's below or the link to your favourites video on YouTube.

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