Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Estée Lauder Makeup Brush Cleaner (235ml)

A couple of month's ago I noticed a bottle of Estée Lauder Makeup Brush Cleaner in my local Unichem for the bargain price of NZ$10 (normally $35) so I thought I'd give it a try.

I've never tried a professional makeup brush cleaner before and until now I'd been using a gentle Baby Shampoo to clean my brushes. I knew it wasn't deep cleaning, but professional makeup brush cleaner's are expensive so getting this one and trying it for $10 has impressed me - it's a total game changer.

Why I will repurchase this product

Firstly, you get 235ml which is a decent size so it should last quite a while. I've used mine for around 3 month's and I've only used up to the top of the Estée logo. I've been cleaning 4 makeup brushes every 3-4 day's. It's not thick, it doesn't smell like alcohol or another nasty chemical smell, in fact I can't even smell it, it's tinted pink but if it wasn't pink you'd think it was water. It has a little press up section on the lid to open it but you can unscrew the blue lid and remove the entire lid if you want, however I wouldn't do that because I find once the press up bit on the lid is open you just need to pour slightly and you don't need to squeeze the bottle. It is a runny, water liquid so pour carefully.

I'll definitely repurchase this product because it deep clean's but it's gentle on my brushes, since using it I've had no hair loss from any of my brushes (I don't know how it'd work with animal hair brushes because I only use synthetic brushes). If you've not tried a professional brush cleaner I think you should give it a go, we spend so much money on makeup and we should take better care of our tool's too.

If you'd like me to write a post on How I Use This Product, please comment below. 

Have you tried a professional makeup brush cleaner before, how do you think it compares to using a baby shampoo, do you prefer using baby shampoo and also, how often do you clean your brushes?

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