Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Haul | Colgate, InStyle, Maybelline & Victoria's Secret

I went into town to buy coffee pod's for my Kensington Coffee Machine and to look for some warm, comfy, stylish slipper's because it's getting colder so I decided to go into The Warehouse, which by the way has the coffee machine (above) on Clearance for $99.98 each, click here to buy (within NZ), so I was barely in the shop when I spotted item's I'd not seen before so I decided to treat myself and my rationalisation is why not - it's My Birthday Month! (does anyone else say that too?).

Victoria's Secret - Love Spell (Fragrance Mist) Cherry Blossom and Peach (250ml) NZ$19.00 each. Firstly, I'd never expect to see Victoria's Secret in The Warehouse so I'm over the moon to find it, they had a few of these in this scent and also in Endless Love, Coconut Passion (which I already own and love) and a scent with Strawberries (I can't remember the name of this particular one). They didn't have many there - maybe 2 or 3 of each of the scent's I mentioned so I don't know if they had more stock but these were flying off the shelf or if it's a test run to see if they sell but I'm hoping I'll find them in again in the future and would love to see a body lotion and some of the VS makeup and candle's sold there.

I've had Love Spell on my Wishlist for a long time but I wasn't quite sure from the list of scent's I'd read to describe it were for me, but I smelt it in person, I loved it (it's going to be a perfect scent for the cold month's) so I bought one. I would've bought the Love Spell Body Lotion too if but it look's like all they have (or have left) are the Mist's only.

Also, my local (Whakatane) store had 2 giant table's setup with perfume's marked down from over $100 to $75 each or less, perfumes by Beyonce, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Kenso, Calvin Klein, Katy Perry and more. I don't need anymore perfume right now - it's very hard to resist temptation to buy a new perfume for such a good price but I managed to do so this time. I'm guessing as these table's weren't there a couple of week's ago they've set this up for Mother's Day which is Sunday, 12th May this year.

Paris Eiffel Tower Pillow/Cushion $15 each (Global Collection). I saw this on a lounge just past the perfume sales table's and as you know I'm obsessed with Paris the city, the Eiffel Tower and other iconic places in Paris and I adore France, my room is slowly changing from Pink to Paris themed, some Paris item's you can find are tacky so I only have 3 thing's with a Paris theme in my room and I think it sit's on my bed nicely with Oscar the Owl.

My room is still not 100% done and I don't think it'll ever be completely happy with it as I'm renting and none of the furniture is mine and I don't want to spend money on furniture I like when I have what I need - if that also makes sense.  With the amount of knick-knack thing's, make-up etc. new HD tv and Stereo I've bought since I moved into my flat in August I'm going to need a semi-trailer to move my stuff to the next flat so I'm not ready to buy my own furniture. If you like this, you can also buy it online here (within NZ).
Also in The Warehouse I found another flavour of the Maybelline Baby Lips in Baby Pink.

I think as it's similar to Pink Glow and they may've been released around the same time but perhaps it was out of stock when I bought Pink Glow so it's probably not new but it's the first time I've seen this particular one so I decided to buy it to add to my Baby Lips collection (which until I saw it, I didn't realise I was now collecting these) $4.29 each (4g).

Colgate Optic White. I'd actually heard about this product in a Monthly Favourites video by a US beauty guru some time ago on YouTube (I can't remember who it was) so I've been waiting for this to be released in NZ.

I don't know how well it'll whiten my teeth because I have crown which was added when I was 21 and I've never seen the need to replace it, but I guess I might have to if this toothpaste super whiten's my teeth but it doesn't work on the crown.

I'm keen to try this and I'll review it once I've had a couple of week's using it. I also like and have used the Colgate Max White Toothpaste so I'm hoping the Optic White is a bobby dazzler! $10.99 each (160g) and I bought mine at New World. It say's on the box: brush twice a day. It has the Whitening Ingredient that Dentists use and 3 shades whiter teeth (after 4 week's use), individual result's may vary!

and finally, I picked this up about 2 or 3 week's ago and I haven't read it and haven't hauled it either so I thought I'd include it today. I don't buy this every month but I do love this magazine, which is the Australian version of InStyle, the only reason I stopped buying it regularly is because it comes out later here than in Australia (1-3 week's release difference) and it's $9.20 per issue. I know under $10 isn't much for a printed magazine these day's but that's $110 for 12 issues per year which I could be spending on something else or a few something else's (if you get what I'm trying to say) and also because I see the Subscribe page and want to join because the magazine work's out cheaper per issue and they have a cool subscription gift - when you first join they send you a present but that's only available in Australia! The International Shipping for this magazine is expensive so if I'm in The Warehouse and want a magazine then I'll pick it up but I don't religiously buy it like I've done in the past for the reason's I've mentioned but it is my fave Australian mag along with Cleo (Australia) which unfortunately isn't available in NZ because there's a Cleo NZ issue.

 Sofia Vergara is on the cover and it took me a while to recognise her, this is the April 2013 issue. I saw today at The Warehouse that the May issue is out but I didn't buy it as I haven't even read this issue yet and the May issue was partly obscured so I wasn't drawn in by the cover picture or text.

I did manage to remember to pickup one box of 12 coffee pod's for my machine, but I forgot to check out slipper's because I was side-tracked with joy about the Victoria's Secret and the Pillow, so I'll have to shop for some slipper's tomorrow afternoon after work, or on Saturday.

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