Saturday, 4 May 2013

{Review} Nivea Lip Butter | Caramel Cream

I've been waiting for the new Nivea Lip Butters to arrive in New Zealand. I found out about them from US and UK gurus on YouTube and beauty blogger's last year. I contacted Nivea Australia on Facebook to enquire and they said they'd be launching in April 2013.
I found only two flavour's in Countdown. They're small round tin's containing 19ml of a clear lip butter. I bought mine in a promotion for $5.19 each (saving 90c on each in the introductory promotion).

I bought Vanilla and Macadamia and also Caramel Cream

I've been using the Caramel Cream for a few day's - applying three or four times a day and feel it's already helped moisturise my lip's (which were becoming dry and cracked) now my lip's feel smoother and I've noticed my lipstick applies nicer and seems to stay on longer, whereas before I started using it I had lipstick sticking to dry spots on my lip's and it was extremely annoying.

I have opened (but not yet used) the Vanilla and Macadamia. I find this one isn't as noticeably scented as the Caramel Cream and I won't be using this one until the Caramel Cream is empty.

I'd definitely buy more if we were to get the Raspberry Kiss flavour. I think there are more flavour's but other than seeing an Instagram picture of Raspberry Kiss I don't know what other flavour's are or even if they'll release Raspberry Kiss in NZ.

Nivea are a Cruelty Free brand, so I recommend giving Nivea product's a try!

This isn't Sponsored or paid for by Nivea. I bought this lip balm with my own money. All opinion's are 100% honest and are my own word's and photograph's! Please don't copy or re-post any of my post's to another site without correctly crediting BalmainBeauty with a link to the original post and to my blog at, Thankyou.

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