Sunday, 12 May 2013

Nivea Soft | Face Body Hands (75ml)

I don't know why but I've never tried a Nivea hand cream. I was in The Warehouse and I picked up my usual brand and then saw this next to it so I thought I'd try this one instead.

What I made me decide to buy is it say's it's for Face, Body and Hand's and it contains Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Cream and it's a refreshingly soft moisturising cream. I started using it right away and after 24ish hour's it has really moisturised my hand's and they are soft, feel and look cared for. It's now been 3 day's since I started using it on my hand's to get them looking nice again and I've been applying it 4+ time's a day and I can see considerable difference and I feel it's even giving my nail's some tlc.

It's 75ml and it's approximately NZ$7.49 which is a little bit more than I'd normally pay but I now feel it's worth it because it feel's nice, it doesn't take too much work or time for it to sink into your skin, it's not greasy and the scent is pleasant plus it's doing a better job than what I normally use by another brand (in the past some hand cream's I've tried have been an absolute waste of money because they didn't do anything, they were greasy and too strong) but this one definitely tick's all the right boxes!

It may look like I'm using more than I should but I also add a bit more to apply to my elbow's and arm's each time I apply to my hand's and I've taken a closeup photo so it look's like a lot but just use a normal amount, unless you want to have enough for elbow's and arm's or face and body.

Unfortunately, I've got a bit of a cold at the moment so my sense of smell isn't great but it smell's nice and that's the best way I can describe it it's not a strong scent and the scent is less noticeable after the cream sink's into your skin - I'm sorry I can't describe the scent in more detail and the back of the packaging doesn't really list ingredient's in non-scientific names. This product contain's Alcohol but it's definitely not drying out my skin but what work's well for me may be completely different for other's.

The description on the reverse of the product say's:

Nivea Soft, a moisture sensation! We love this highly effective formula with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil becuase it is quickly abosobed, leaving your skin sensationally soft and smooth. Enjoy the revitalising feeling of long-lasting moisturisation on your face, body and hands everyday. Skin compatability dermatologically approved. 

What I also like about Nivea as a Brand is they're Cruelty Free and that's very important to a lot of people. I also notice this cream doesn't contain Parabens, which is also important so I'm definitely going to repurchase this and try out other product's by Nivea. Nivea is fast becoming one of my preferred brand's and it all started with a lip butter recently so I won't go back to buying the other brand I'd bought repeatedly, this one trump's what I've been using and is perfect for an everyday hand cream.

As yet I haven't used it on my body, or face but I'm definitely going to give it a try and once I've done so for a good amount of time I'll review this cream for the Face and Body - probably early-mid June.

I'm keen to try their Makeup Wipes, Daily Face Wash and Cleanser but I've got a few product's I need to finish before purchasing new one's but I'll let you know once I've given them a good road test.

Have you tried Nivea product's before and do you have a favourite?

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