Thursday, 23 May 2013

Victoria's Secret: Wild Raspberry, Bright Strawberry, Juiced Berry (Beauty Rush) Fragrance Mist

Apologies for the break, I was in Auckland for a few day's and came home and I've been working, plus the hour's and month's seem to be flying past (daylight saving has ended) and before we know it, it'll be Christmas!

Today, I'm writing about a Victoria's Secret fragrance I found on TradeMe. I have 3 of the VS body mist's (Love Spell, Coconut Passion and a Plum and Freesia) fragrance so when I saw this one, which is a little different, I bought it - it's brand new (250ml) and I paid NZ$10 including postage.

I've been wearing this scent for about 9 out of the past 12 day's and I like it, it's Autumn/Fall here in New Zealand but because of the juiced berry I think it could also work well in Summer. It's a bit stronger but I find it last's on my skin longer and I need to use less product too which is nice.

VS describes this scent:

A flirty fresh fragrance sensation. Weightless formula treats skin to a sexy pop of scent. Spritz on the scent of Juiced Berry, a sparkling mix of Wild Raspberry and Bright Strawberry.

I wish we had more VS product's available in shop's here in New Zealand. I'm really keen to try VS beauty (makeup) but sadly it's not sold here unless it's online from an independent trader but for now I'm trying to save so I'll have to add VS beauty to my ever-growing wish list.

Of the 3 other scent's I have, I find this one is just as nice so I'm really pleased because buying online without sniffing it in person can be a bit of a gamble. If you like Berry scent's, you'd like this one.

Do you have any VS body mist's, fragrance's and if so what's your fave scent?

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