Thursday, 11 July 2013

A few thing's I've bought recently...a Haul

I haven't been buying much recently because I've been working and I've not had spare time to go shopping but I've bought a few thing's online.

I like this case, it's solid but it won't protect the glass screen which is unfortunate. I have had two wallet style cases which have split so I don't recommend those unless they're leather.

I've been drooling over the Essie 2013 Resort Collection for a week. I resorted to TradeMe and eBay. The two pictured below were $10 each + postage. Come Here (left) and Under Where? I'm wearing Under Where? on my nail's since yesterday. It's pretty flipping fantastic!

I decided to go unseasonal (it's mid-winter) because I wanted to wear something lighter. I'm sure this will be a frequent mani colour in Spring and Summer later this year. I also bought the fullsize in First Timer and In The Cab-Ana from the same collection but they're in the post because I bought them from eBayer in the US for US$5.75 each + post. I can't wait to wear those too. I love Essie but I don't have many because I find the prices here are quite high so that's why I resort to TradeMe and eBay.

Whilst on nail polish I also bought Glitter Strikes Back which is by Australis Cosmetics. I haven't used it yet but I think this is going to be fabulous over a black, navy, purple, white or even pink or coral colour. Love the name and can't wait to wear it. $13.50 from a Unichem pharmacy in Auckland.

Mini Mintbarry Bracelet which I bought from and I've worn it 11 day's in a row. It will most definitely be in July faves at the end of this month. US$20 + post.

I've heard Market Peach which is sold at Bath and Body Works is a delicious new scent so I bought the 36g (1.3oz) candle to try it. I find fruity scent's are sometimes overpowering, this has very little throw and I expected more from it, so I'll have to go with the 2 or 3 wick candle. I'm pretty sure it won't give me a headache, which some candles have done eg B&BW Frosted Cupcake. eBay $25 for the following 3 including airmail postage.

Unlike the 3 wick candle in this scent, I also find this size isn't very scented. I'm disappointed with it so I'll have to buy a 2 or 3 wick candle. This is my fave Bath and Body Work's candle and I'm pretty sad I've used up the 3 wick so quickly (it lasted about 3 month's) I'll repurchase a large candle soon.

I haven't tried the Sandalwood Vanilla before but I like Sandalwood and I also like Vanilla so I thought I'd give this one a go, it's a new scent I believe from Bath and Body Work's (it's not been used yet). I hope the throw on this is a little more noticeable, if not I'll never purchase 1.3oz (36g) candles again!

Please let me know what your all time favourite candle scent is.
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