Sunday, 20 October 2013

#NOTD NARS Super Orgasm

I've finally purchased my very first NARS product. I've heard so many great thing's about this brand in the past few year's and I've never tried anything because I couldn't find them in a shop to swatch anything plus I didn't know which product to try first, so by now I knew couldn't wait any longer so I jumped online and searched TradeMe and made sure I asked question's to weed out fake's.

I found a couple of genuine item's a blush, two lipstick's and a bronzer but this was the only nail polish. I don't know the size of their polish bottles but this one is a cute 7.4ml. 

As soon as I opened the parcel I put it straight on my nail's so it was fortunate I had bear nail's that morning. I applied two coat's but felt a third coat wouldn't hurt. I like this nude with tiny pieces of gold glitter.

It's been 4 day's since the first application (no top coat applied) because I wanted to see if it'd survive everyday wear and tear.

Today, I applied a thin coat to top it up, it hadn't chipped or started looking manky but I just felt a little refresh would be nice before I published a post. I can't see myself changing polish colour anytime soon, it's so pretty!

I'd definitely like to try another NARS polish or two next and a blush. I've got my eye on some NARS gift set's so I'm sure my next NARS purchase isn't too far away. This little gem cost $12 including postage -- it's a Sample bottle.

I'd like to buy the new eye primer in the white packaging but I haven't looked to see if it's available here yet and I'm not in desperate need for another eye primer at the moment.

Please recommend some of your fave NARS product's below and I'll see if I can find them online or when I'm in Auckland early in the New Year. One shop in Auckland I want to visit is Mecca Cosmetica because I've never been in one of their stores and for now that's a good thing or I'd be shopping in there too much.

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