Friday, 29 November 2013

Official Social Media sites for BalmainBeauty

Happy Friday!

I hope you've noticed some tweet's I've sent about #BlackFriday sales for Australia and New Zealand and a couple for the UK.

Check out my tweet for 50% Off Australis Cosmetics (Australia only between 4-6pm today) only on:

The actual reason for this post is I wanted to mention the sites I've created for Balmain Beauty (these can be found on the top right hand side of my blog) but I decided to write up a post about them as well.

I'm not using any other social media's site other than what's listed below.  

Also now that GFC has well and truly gone, I just thought I'd let you know you can follow your favourite blog's on Bloglovin. You can also paste in your favourite YouTube channel's address into your Bloglovin account too, that way you'll never miss your fave channel uploading a new video (because sometimes your sub feed sent to you by email from YouTube doesn't alway's notify you of new upload's).
I have listed below all my Social Media sites in case your want to follow them for updates.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Like my Facebook page

Follow Me on Google+

Follow Me on Instagram

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Follow me on Twitter

Subscribe to my YouTube Beauty channel

Subscribe to my YouTube Vlog channel

I encourage fellow blogger's to post something like this on their blog's too, unfortunately
a lot of giveaway's on blog's and YouTubve have been ruined by those who think they can
create similar worded fake account's to try and obtain subscriber's personal details and be mean
enough to contact them through various sites saying you've Won my Giveaway!

Please be careful who you send your personal information to and under no circumstances
would the blogger, youtuber be so mean as to ask you to pay postage charges on winning a prize. 

Coming up next week: I'll have another Empties and a November Faves video!

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