Thursday, 14 November 2013

#OOTD 15th November 2013

I don't think I've posted an #OOTD on my blog before but there's got to be a first time right?

I'm happy with everything I put together for this outfit (please forgive the creased pant's).
Every piece in this photo is from KMart NZ and purchased on different shopping trip's. 

The first purchase was the Girl Express sandals, they have a pretty black bow frill and they're super comfortable. I think I've had these for over a year now and I love them just as much as when I discovered them in Kmart. I think they were $15 (I don't know if you can find this style in Kmart at the moment). 

The next thing I bought was the t-shirt between 2-3 month's ago, it was originally $12 or $15 but it was on-sale for just $5! It has a colourful design which appealed to me and it also has some detailing with metal studs on it. I've worn this about 5 times now and not one of the stud's has come off in the wash. 

I next bought the Electric Blue bag less than 3 month's ago for $15 and it's such a pretty bag I also have the exact same design in Coral. I actually bought the Coral first and went back the next day for the electric blue!

Finally, the electric blue cigarette style pant's or maybe you'd call them capri's, they were $12 or $15 originally but I bought them 2 week's ago for $10, yes only $10 which bring's the total of this complete outfit to NZ$45 which is impressive, you'd only have to spend another $5 to $7.50 on bracelet's or use what you currently own, and you've got yourself a complete outfit!

I'm definitely impressed with what I've purchased from Kmart so I'll be shopping on a budget for some time because I like the quality, the styles and the price but that's not to say I won't shop at other stores.

Have you shopped for clothing and/or shoes at Kmart recently?


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