Saturday, 16 November 2013

#OOTD 16th November 2013

I hope you liked my first OOTD post yesterday. It's a comfortable casual outfit for hanging out with friend's, a casual lunch, going shopping or going to see a movie etc.

I'm a novice photographing and posting outfit look's. One day I hope to have the skill's to make it look like a magazine layout, like fashion and style blogger's do, but for now a simple photo but you get the idea.

I enjoyed posting my outfit yesterday so I thought I'd show you what I'm wearing today. I wouldn't normally go for this style but  high-low hem's are on-trend and this one was on-sale. I tried it on and I liked how lightweight the material is, the colour's and that you could get away without ironing it because it's a kind of wrinkle material. It also appealed to me as a beach dress. It may not be work appropriate but it depend's on what kind of work you do and if it fit's in with your work dress-code but bear in mind it's short (mid-thigh).
It's a pretty sheer dress so it has a long slip underneath that is sewn to the dress at the top. This is my first time wearing it but I can imagine it'll be nice and cool to wear on a hot day, or to the beach with a bathing suit underneath. I'm on another day off today so I'm just wearing it around my flat and going to a friend's house for lunch and popping into a local shop, but I fully intend to wear it to the beach on a regular basis.

I bought this dress from my local The Warehouse shop about 1 to 2 month's ago and it was on-sale for $15 so I bought it along with another floral print dress in black also for $15. I looked at buying these two dresses month's before (when spring clothing started to appear in the shop's) but they were $29 each and so I ended up getting both of the dresses I wanted for $30 instead of just one for $29!
 image from The Warehouse. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

As you can see, the photo of my dress makes it look's darker and more on the purple side but the photo above show's the bright of the aqua, turquoise and white and it goes well with my new electric blue bag.

It pay's to wait a while to see if something you want goes on-sale. I've learnt this lesson the hard way, but having said that sometimes waiting for a sale the item will go out-of-stock so if you see one in your size and like it, even if it's a little bit more than you want to pay, bear in mind if it did go on-sale perhaps your size might be sold out or it mightn't even go on-sale or possibly the shop might not have more stock to replenish.
image from The Warehouse. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

The dress was $15 and it's called the Maya Chiffon Pixie Hem Dress by Garage, you buy it online hereit also comes in white, beige and black. My dress is the Purple. The sandals were originally $20 but on-sale for $10 about 2 week's ago, the sandals are also Garage, the style is Jacinda. These are a jelly sandal and also in white, buy them online here and the electric blue bag is from Kmart NZ also $15.

Do you prefer looking for and trying on clothes in a store but buy them online (if possible)?


This post isn't Sponsored. Items were purchased with my own money from The Warehouse and Kmart. All opinion's are 100% honest, are my own word's and photo's (except for the two mentioned above). Please don't reproduce content but you may Like and share this post on social media with a link to my  post, with credit to BalmainBeauty

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