Sunday, 3 November 2013

Psssst! Instant Dry Shampoo

Today, I want to share with you Psssst! If you've been following my Twitter, monthly favourites videos on my YouTube channel then you'll know I'm a fan of Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush and Tropical. Before Batiste I'd never tried another brand of dry shampoo (Batiste is one of my holy grail product's and by that I mean I repeatedly repurchase) it's a great product, but I received Psssst! in a Sample Bar month's ago and as I had run out of Batiste recently, I started using Psssst! a couple of week's ago.

Firstly, what I like about Psssst! it's a convenient travel size 1.76oz (50g), secondly although I'm not flying for another 8 week's I like this can is Air Travel Friendly, it doesn't have a scent, it spray's clear, the Batiste spray's white but that's never bothered me - it's easy to see where you've sprayed, work into your scalp. Another thing I like is it's is Not Tested on Animal's and in the past few month's I've decided to spend my money on brand's who make Not Tested on Animals / Cruelty Free product's.
For the reason it spray's clear it won't show up in photo's so I figured trying to show you is  pointless. I've not been able to find it in pharmacies/drugstore's it's by the brand Freeman aka Freeman Beauty (I have previously used and like some of their face and hair mask's) I didn't know they made a dry shampoo!
The packaging says

Refreshes and revises. Extends blowout and color life. Absorbs excess oils. Builds volume on-the-go!.


Stash in your gym bag, work bag or overnight bag, Shake can vigorously and hold 6 inches to 8 inches from hair. Life sections of hair and lightly spray scalp and roots. Shake can between sprays for best results. Wait a few minutes, then brush and style as desired.

I'm not saying this product is better than Batiste but it's something I would purchase (if I could find it on shelves). I'd like to know where to buy it from because even though I love Batiste it's expensive in New Zealand at just under $17 for a 250g can and under $9 for the 50g can so if Psssst! is less expensive I'd buy it because I do like the result's and would keep a can in my handbag. I'm not saying I won't continue to buy Batiste because I will but it doesn't hurt to have option's.

Have you tried Psssst!? or have you seen it for sale in New Zealand? If so, where?

Which brand of dry shampoo do you use?

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