Saturday, 23 November 2013

Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

I don't know about you but I tend to stay loyal to a brand so I've been using Nivea facial wipes for quite a while and also recently tried Simple, but when I was in Countdown I saw Yes To Cucumbers were on-sale for $4.99 each which is pretty good considering they normally sell for just under $15 so I bought two pack's.

As it happens, I also finished my last makeup wipe (I prefer calling them wipes to towelettes) the night before and intended to start trying a packet of Swisspers, which was recommended to me by an Australian friend but this packaging sucked me in and the price so I decided to open these one's right away and I think the packaging makes all the difference. I can now see why they're more expensive than other brand's.
Firstly, what I like about these wipes is there are 30, yes 30, unlike other brand's who make 20 or 25 which is silly to me, I mean there are 30 or 31 day's in a month so wouldn't it make sense to make a packet with at least 30 wipes, that's one a day. It may not bother some people but that kind of bug's me.

Secondly,I think the reason why these cost more is it has a plastic opening but also another resealable sticker underneath and it's one of those sticker's that really stick's so your remaining wipes shouldn't dry out!
Thirdly, these wipes are soft and that's great considering I last used Simple and it was textured, I found it was like sandpaper scraping a layer of skin off my face. It was just too abrasive for me but I do like other Simple product's I'm just not a fan of the textured facial wipes, but you may like it and that's okay.

These wipes are very wet, I feel like it has enough moisture in it to use to wipe off all my make-up. I don't wear a lot of make-up but I do like a clean face in the morning and before I go to bed so even if I haven't gone anywhere and used make-up I'll use a wipe to clean the dirt and pollution that's built up during the day and I really liked how clean my skin feel's after using one wipe (double-sided).

The Yes To brand is fairly new to New Zealand as far as I know. I think they've only been sold here maybe a year and they also do Yes To Blueberries and Yes to Carrots. I haven't tried anything else from Yes To but I'm definitely a fan of these wipes so I'm more likely to try their other product's now. I've heard good thing's about the Yes to Cucumbers Eye Gel so I'm looking to buy one next week.

The only nit picky thing about these wipes is I used the first wipe around my eye area and it gave it a little sting so I don't think it's not meant for eye make-up removal however, I didn't see a warning on the packaging. I use both sides of the wipe, there's no need to rinse, it's cleaned and cleansed your skin. I use a wipe before I use Bioderma (reviewed here) and I notice I require less Bioderma because the wipes had removed 99% of make-up which was a pleasant surprise.

The cucumber wipes are a 98% natural product, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogneic, oil-free and are enriched in natural Aloe Vera and Green Tea, plus they're not tested on animals. The wipes are made from compostable natural cloth. Allure voted them a Best of Beauty Award in 2011.

If you can find these on-sale I definitely recommend you give them a try. I 'd also like to try other product's from the Yes To Cucumbers range but also from the Yes To Blueberries and Yes To Carrots as well, you can find a wide range of Yes To product's in Countdown unfortunately I haven't found them elsewhere.

Have you used any Yes To Cumcumbers or any of the other Yes To brand product's?


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