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Australis Cosmetics : Nudist 2.0 Giftset

On a mission to find Christmas gift's the other day, I discovered this cute little Australis set in my local Unichem (they've never stocked Australis before) so I was surprised to find it.
As you know, I use a lot of Australis products, some of which they send to me for consideration but most of the time I buy products myself, or at least if I'm sent something and I really like it, then I purchase it when it run's out with my own money. (I'll make you aware of product's that are sent to me, or if I've paid for it with my own money).

I've grown up with this Australian cosmetic brand so I'm pretty loyal and I like to try as many new products as I can because of the quality and price.

This set appealed to me because of the products included:

8 eyeshadows in one palette called The Nudist 2.0
Most of the shadows contain glitter or a slight shimmer, which I prefer to matte shades. I like the colour selection, highlight shades, light lid and crease colour's, three or more darker grey's. This palette would be great for either day or night. I can see myself using it a lot.

I'm not going to swatch the shadows but I'm going to do that in a video (once I can get my camera to work properly) ATM I can't film in HD which is a bit of a nuisance.
I first started using the Curve Ink Eyeliner in September. I'm not a wear eyeliner everyday girl [because I'm crap at making it decent and I've never, repeat never, been able to create a wing] so when I purchased this in May I had big hopes for it to really help me define and because it's curved it feels a lot more precise so I like this product and I'm happy I can open and use a new one because I'm a bit lazy when it comes to throwing thing's out when really I shouldn't use it more than 3 month's. There's a proper review coming, I promise.
Also I'm currently using a Voluptulash, which I was sent and I'm using but that was a while ago so I'm ready to open a new mascara. I find Mascara's are the most difficult thing for me because my lashes are totally crap, one eye the lashes curl naturally, not thick but look ok and the other eye the top grows down but Voluptulash help's me lift my lashes and create some volume.

I prefer to open my mascara and then close it again and leave for a few day's for it to dry out a little and I see better results than using a fresh mascara straight on my lids after opening, it all comes down to the brush and too wet mascara will smudge on me or take too long to dry (I'm an impatient girl).

I estimate this 3 piece set would cost over $40 (if you bought everything individually) it was $25 and it came in the cute bag too. I like buying something I want and also having something new to try, in this case it's the eyeshadow palette. I enjoy using the other two product's. 

Unfortunately, the eyeshadow palette isn't on the Australis site so I can't put a price on it for you but I'd say somewhere between A$9 to A$25 and the Curved Ink Eyeliner says POA (price on application) so I'd say A$8 to A$20 and the Voluptulash is A$10.95 so this set is value for money!

I'll be reviewing each product separately in the next few week's as well swatching the palette and there's a few more Australis product's I bought in a *BuyInvite sale earlier this week. I'll be filming a BuyInvite Haul (minus Christmas gift's) once my order arrives, which will hopefully be soon plus I have a few other product's they've sent me that I'm very behind in reviewing. 


The upcoming BuyInvite haul isn't Sponsored. I paid for everything with my own money!

* The link to BuyInvite is my Affiliate link, if you sign-up and spend over NZ$40 they'll send me a voucher for $20 per sign-up. I don't receive a Commission on the item's you order, just a one-off $20 voucher per new account that purchases so I want to be upfront about it.

Do you have any holy grail Australis product's? (By that, it means products you repeat buy/restock). I'm also looking for recommendations because I haven't tried absolutely everything they've released.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,


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