Sunday, 15 December 2013

Lush : The Olive Branch Shower Gel (250g)

In my Sept 2013 Lush haul (here) I bought two shower gel's I've never tried before, The Olive Branch and Honey I Washed The Kids (I've tried HIWTTK soap before and I liked the scent) so I thought I'd give the shower gel a try because I can't remember if they've got the same scent or not.
I've been using Olive Branch for 4 weeks and at first I thought it was pleasant but I've recently decided I've grown to Love the scent of this mandarin scented gel, it contains Fair Trade Olive Oil, Fresh Mandarins, Bergamot Oil and Vine Leaves. 

The packaging says:

We've crammed the whole Mediterranean diet into this bottle! Superbly softening, reassuring gel for body and hair. 
I've only been using it on my body, so I can't tell you how it works on my hair (I'll try it on my hair and update this post soon).

I'd seriously repurchase this scent, it kind of reminds me slightly of Ponche (which was a tequila scent) but I found Ponche wasn't as punchy scent-wise for me (morning shower time), however I did buy two bottles of Ponche and I preferred to use it at night time before bed.

If I could only choose Ponche or The Olive Branch, I'd go with Olive Branch. I don't know if this is in the permanent range because it doesn't say it's Limited Edition on the labelling. I reviewed Ponche here if you'd like to read more about it, it's nice but it's not one of my favourite product's from Lush.

The Olive Branch gel is a two tone colour, one is orange liquid and the other is the Olive cream so shake the bottle to combine them for the most fragrant shower experience. 

It's funny how something you thought was previously okay (scent-wise) soon becomes an obsession! I need another bottle of this. I'm using the 250g bottle which I think was under *$17. I'm even thinking of upsizing to the 500g bottle because I'm enjoying it so much. It's a great scent for Summer and I think it'd also be nice in the colder month's to remind you how yummy fresh Mandarins can be. 

I definitely recommend this one if you like Mandarins and if you like your skin to feel soft and moisturised, this is down to the Fair Trade Olive Oil, Bergamot Oil and Vine Leaves. 

The next Lush shower gel I'll be reviewing will be Honey I Washed The Kids.

Please comment below and tell me your fave Lush Shower Gel scent and why you love it so much.

The pricing I've mentioned above is in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

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