Sunday, 8 December 2013

Shopping: CottonOn Haul

This is an overdue post, just so you know and these item's may not be in CottonOn now.

I wanted to find bargain's in my little town. One of my fave shop's is CottonOn. From time to time they have bargain table's outside so I look in those first. I've found pretty good thing's in the past eg. my black and white Skull scarf and a pair of flat sandal's for $10.
On this rainy morning I arrived at CottonOn and I found this cute polka dot umbrella for $5.
I'm a fan of Skull print but I don't fall in lust with every skull print. I like the large skull print in black and white (which I bought at CottonOn last Winter) there's much call for a scarf in Spring and Summer but I thought I'd buy and keep it for A/W. It was $14.95, then I spotted a Mayan design so I was tempted to buy it. I guess I'm officially a scarf horder collector.
I went to pay for the umbrella and skull scarf (the Mayan scarf was behind the counter) so the saleslady said because I'd bought two thing's I could have any of the scarves behind her for just $5 and seeing as this scarf was originally $14.95 I decided it was too good an opportunity to pass on. I ended up paying $15.00 in total and here's the receipt.
The Mayan scarf was originally $14.95 but they gave me a discount of $9.95

I probably won't wear scarves until Autumn/Winter but for $5 each I'll get a lot of use out of them in the next few year's so I'll include them in my updated Scarf Collection video coming next Autumn.

I'm pretty pleased with what I found and paid for, I go there regularly so don't be surprised if there's another CottonOn haul before the end of the year!

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