Saturday, 18 January 2014

How To: Pin from Instagram to Pinterest

Dear Reader's,

I don't know why I've never shared this before but would you like to pin your Instagram photo's to your Pinterest and your not sure how to do this? I've been doing it for a while and then it occurred to me there may be other Blogger's, Instagrammer's who might like to know how to do this this too.

I recently found a useful How To post by Craig Smith and he explain's step-by-step How to Pin from Instagram, so if you'd like to know how to do this too, please click the link below to Craig's blogpost.

I found Craig's step's easy to follow, thanks Craig. Two thing's you do need to do first is: create [or use your own existing Pinterest account] and also your own Instagram account or create one (create an Instagram account here and a Pinterest account here - or use your existing account's).

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If you'd like to know How To Pin from Facebook, please comment below and I'll make it the next How To guide or feel free to suggest what you'd like to know How To Do below for future post's.

Please don't steal other people's photo's without asking them and linking back to them.

Happy Pinning!

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