Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Gembox (New Zealand) Jewellery Box Subscription

I heard about Gembox launching last year but because I was going away in January and I'd treated myself before Christmas, I decided to wait until New Year to start a subscription. Each box cost's $25 per month but it's delivery is included in the price and it's delivered by Courier.
Today, my very first GemBox arrived and my initial thought's were it seem's light weight. Upon opening the box, the jewellery is sitting on top of a puffy black pillow so you can immediately see the content's and to be honest I feel a little underwhelmed and here's why:

Firstly, I didn't receive a product card about the content's. I'd like to know who makes the jewellery because I might be interested in seeing other pieces from the jeweller;
The largest item I received is a necklace with an adjustable chain and it's okay (it's not my style but it's wearable) on closer inspection one of the pieces (tile) isn't as well made as the other's and stick's out like a sore thumb and because there's no card you don't know what the product's are made of (see the last two picture's of me wearing the necklace and the imperfection I'm talking about).
Secondly, although the 3 gold ring's are very dainty and cute unfortunately they won't fit my finger's and as they're not adjustable so these 3 ring's are no use to me personally. 
Another complaint I have is the box arrives in a plastic envelope, the courier company hasn't taken care with the package so my cardboard box arrived with dent's/crumples at both sides of the box, it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of thing's but for the price your paying I think greater care should be taken. I believe the plastic satchel's used are to blame and also the thin cardboard is also a contributor to the box arriving in less than perfect condition, it's definitely something Gembox should fix in future.

The final product is a pair of Silver Heart Earnings for pierced ear's and they look cute but they're not my style. I'm sure I can give the ring's and the earning's to friend's but as for the content's it's less than I expect so I personally can't see the $40 to $70 value in this box. 

I don't want to be negative because they're a new company starting out in New Zealand but I just feel like the box lacked one more item and a product card to explain who the jewellery is made by and what the jewellery is made from so I think this box is a bit poor. I don't see "quality" in the item's either.

As this is my first box I haven't looked at previous monthly box review's to see what other's thought of them so I'm hoping next month's "classic chic" box will be more to my liking because I don't quite think I'm ready to switch my subscription to one of the other boxes they also have eg. Urban Rock, Vintage Glam or Boho Love. I decided on classic chic because I didn't think the jewellery would be too out there but I also like some vintage styled pieces so I was torn between signing up for Vintage Glam and Classic Chic. I thought Classic Chic would be safer and some item's might be a bit on-trend.

Every Gembox content's is said to be worth $50 to $70 value however the content's I received I don't think it'd cost a total of $30 or perhaps $40 at a stretch and I don't absolutely love anything I received. 

Another reason I signed up is I've been lusting after the Australian Her Fashion Box, which is similar because I've really liked the item's I've seen from Australian blogger's and Her Fashion Box seem to get it right more often than not. I want to subscribe to Her Fashion Box but they currently don't offer subscription's to New Zealand so that's when I heard about Gembox I thought okay I'll give Gembox a go as it's similar to Her Fashion Box in fashion/jewellery and there's no "beauty related" item's.

I don't want to be a negative nancy because it's a new company and I appreciate it takes a while to establish connection's with jeweller's etc but based on my past "beauty box" subscription's with Sample Bar and GoodieBox, I felt Gembox customer service was a bit slow when I enquired on their website when to expect my first box. I signed-up in mid-January and my first box is the February 2014 box. 

I'm not happy with the necklace having a tile which look's lesser quality than the other's (3rd large tile from left) so I'm not sure if I should complain, should I give it another month to see what the March box is like, should I change box type, or should I cancel my membership immediately? - watch this space!

If you've subscribed to Gembox, which box have you signed-up to?

If you receive the Classic Chic box did you receive the same item's as I did this month,
and what did you think about the quality of the pieces? 

If you subscribe to any of their other boxes eg Urban Rock, Vintage Glam or Boho Love,
please leave a blog or a video link below so I can see if maybe the classic chic box
isn't for me and I can ask to change my subscription to another box.

If you'd like to Subscribe to Gembox, please click here.

You can immediately sign-up to whichever box they offer:
Vintage Glam, Classic Chic, Urban Rock or Boho Love, or
you can take their quiz and see which box it chooses for you.
I decided to choose Classic Chic, without taking the quiz.

You must live in New Zealand to subscribe.
Gembox subscription cost's $25 per month and Courier delivery is included.

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I paid for this monthly subscription box of $25 with my own money. I'm not being Sponsored by Gembox or their PR company to write about Gembox. My opionion's about this boxes content's are my own and I'm not going to say I absolutely love something if I don't. My review's are 100% honest.

If I had to rate this box out of 5 (with 5 being absolutely love it) then I'd rate this box a 2!

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