Sunday, 2 February 2014

My BENEfit Brow Bar Experience in Auckland

For someone whose only had eyebrows threaded, I decided to book an appointment at BENEfit in Smith and Caugheys, Auckland (it was the morning before of my trip to Dunedin).

I was greeted warmly by 3 gorgeous bene gals. I started off my brow treatment with a pre-brow clean and Moisturiser (we had to wait for the wax to heat up) as I was there first customer of the day. I sat nervously on the edge of my seat dreading a mountain of pain that lies ahead (I'm the worlds biggest baby when it comes to pain and needles).
Once the wax is ready I'm bracing myself for the pain but I'm really quite surprised, it's really not a big deal, the only thing mildly painful was the area under my brow near the upper eyelid. 

My brows start to take shape and look better just a few wax strips in and I want to look but I'm asked to wait until the end and that was the hardest part. 

I think the bene gal used maybe 10 or less wax strips (I had cave woman brows) and she talked me through the entire process and it made me feel at ease. 

At first I kept opening my eyes wide after every strip but she advised me not to do that so I found that really hard not to do as it felt strange not being able to see what was happening (with threading my eyes are open a bit more).

I now believe waxing brows is less painful than threading and takes less time and I don't know why I avoided it. I should've delved into waxed brows before - now I'm a convert - waxing is my new preferred method. It takes no time at all and I'd rather a pro groom my brows than do it myself because I'm not very good with tweezers.

My friend Amy accompanied me for support and as a shopping buddy enabler. Thanks Amy!
I'll definitely be back to have a brow session at Benefit in the future, unfortunately I live 4 hours away from this salon so I must put my brows in the hands of local professionals but I'll be having them waxed from now onwards.

For all the threadees out there, seriously please give waxing a go!

If you live or can go to Auckland, I went to the BENEfit counter in Smith & Caugheys on Queen Street. To make your BENEfit appointment you need to phone through Smith & Caugheys and ask for the BENEfit counter either in Queen Street or Newmarket to book an appointment at their Brow Bar.

I'm keen to try a brow tint so I'll definitely return to BENEfit for a wax and tint in the future.

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This post isn't Sponsored. I paid for my new eyebrows myself with my own money!

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