Friday, 21 February 2014

Oroton Wishlist 2014

Ever since my Grandma introduced me to Oroton by giving me my very first grown up purse (it was a Gold Mesh Coin Purse for my 12th birthday) I've been a fan of the Australian luxury brand, but sadly it wasn't until 2012 I bought my next Oroton piece, a Large O Shopper Tote I snapped up on-sale.

I'm going to Sydney in September for IMATS and one of the first shop's I'll be going to is the Oroton Store because I haven't ever been into one of their stores before. I tried to visit their Viaduct store in Auckland last May but it was on a Sunday and it was closed, the shop has since closed and now there's a shop in Osbourne Street but I didn't have time on my whirlwind Auckland trip in January to go there.

I may purchase some of the following before my trip or at Oroton in Sydney:

Elements Metallic Ballet Flats A$215

These gorgeous flat's come in: Black, Aqua Sea, Bronze and Light Gold

Practically, I'm a fan of the black as it's coming into Autumn and Winter but I can happily see myself wearing the Aqua Sea and/or Light Gold in the warmer month's.

Trinket Bracelet in Gold (also in Silver) A$85.00 each

Venice Zip Top Coin Purse $A95 in Sand (also comes in Black, Indigo and Canelle)

Bueno iPhone Wristlist Indigo or the Lavender Aura A$165 (also comes in Chambray).

I adore beautiful bag's, shoes and watches so these pieces will be cherished but I'll be using them. I don't believe in only using beautiful thing's for special occasion's (if special occasion's don't happen often). Wear your beautiful handbag you saved up to buy, or your beautiful new shoes. I think it's better to wear nice thing's and get enjoyment out of them than sitting a box or a dustbag unappreciated. 

This is by no mean's the end of the Wishlist but thing's that have been on my radar for a little while. I thought about buying the ballet flat's online but my feet are tricky, a UK size 8 is an Australian or US size 10 but sometimes due to different shoe styles etc. I could be a half size smaller so I'll have to wait until I get to the Oroton to try these on so I can make sure the sizing is perfect, hopefully these won't be removed from the current collection when I arrive in Sydney in September.

What have you decided is your next purchase?
Do you try thing's on that you want to buy in the shop but them buy them online?

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