Friday, 21 March 2014

Jouer Cosmetics Arrives in New Zealand

If your a fan of Jouer, you'll know how hard it is to find their product's here, but don't worry because you can now buy Jouer at Fragrances and Cosmetics!

At the moment the product's are: brushes, brow and liner, cheek and complexion, eye and lip colour, lip liner as well as mascara and power plus the Blushing Beauty Palette (coming soon).
When you buy from Fragrances and Cosmetics you get FREE shipping and FREE gift-wrapping
on all order's. Also by joining their FREE Loyalty Club you receive a discount, plus reward point's!

I'm very excited I can now get my hand's on Jouer in New Zealand and I think they'll be adding more produdct's in the future.

As I'm new to this brand, I've only ever heard of it through blog's and youtube, if you have any Jouer product's you absolutely love, please comment below with your recommendation's.

On my quest for Cruelty Free brand's I like that Jouer meet's my requirements and I'll let you know once I've had time to browse the product's in more detail and buy a few thing's to try.

Happy Friday!


I'm not being Sponsored by Fragrances or Cosmetics or Jouer to write this post. I'm interested in this brand and I wanted to share the new's of Jouer launching in New Zealand,  there's a lot of chatter about it on youtube and from USA blogger's. I'm passing on new's that it's now available in New Zealand.
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