Friday, 28 March 2014

My April 2014 WishList

Happy Friday, Friend's!

I don't know about you but I'm seeing far too many cute picture's of thing's other blogger's are buying/blogging or lusting after on blog's, instagram and facebook.

Here's just a few, otherwise this post might go on page after page - you get my drift...

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Marc Jacobs
Henry Rose Bright Pink Watch 
- MBM1248 US$200 each

I can't remember where I first saw it, but it was love at first sight!


What's not to love about this watch! It's pretty, a rose gold, pink and white. It's sold out on all the site's I've searched, which is probably a good thing because that mean's I can't buy one, I also can't afford one. If anyone's feeling generous, please send one my way.

Tom Ford
- Frantic Pink or Flush Blushes (Frantic Pink pictured) US$69.98 each


The packaging and the blush colour's. I don't own a fancy blush or should I say a high-end blush, it's so pretty and I've been wanting one of the TF blushes since last year. I also wouldn't mind a TF lipstick or two (see next).

Tom Ford 
- Lipsticks: Flamingo and True Coral (True Coral is the shade shown) £36.00 each
Viktor & Rolf
- Flowerbomb US$80


The bottle and the scent. I could go on and on about it. I sniff and spray it every time I go into Farmers and spritz a little on a tester card. Maybe, just maybe I could afford a small bottle if I can find one that's not too expensive. I can't justify spending a lot of money on a bottle of perfume at the moment. 

My little Wishlist keep's growing because nothing's coming off it. A lot of thing's on my wishlist are makeup item's and accessories. Another thing I'm lusting after are Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder's and the Ambient Blushes. I know I don't need them, but I'd like them, they look pretty too. I'm totally a blush girl more than anything else.

I hope you didn't find this post too long or boring, I genuinely would like these product's. I'm not saying I want them just because they're expensive, if that makes sense. I guess the reason why I haven't bought any of these is because they're expensive - otherwise they wouldn't be on a Wishlist they'd be with me in my cozy little flat swatching and so on.

Please let me know if you like these kind's of post's. I have more on my Wishlist I can share with you in future blogpost's. 


I'm genuinely interested in all of the above. None of the brand's or their PR agencies etc have asked me to write about them, nor have they paid me. This post is Unsponsored. Seriously, this post was a quite fun to put together. I'm surprised how many thing's have caught my eye and have been added to the wishlist. If you add up everything on the list it'd be thousand's of $! Eek! 

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