Tuesday, 15 April 2014

First Aid Beauty

Firstly, I didn't know FAB was available in New Zealand. I've since discovered it launched here a while ago, being unaware of it's availability, I haven't looked for or bought any product's until now.
I first heard about FAB from US beauty's on YouTube. I thought because I'm a sensitive skin girl I'd like to try it, if I can get my hand's on it within NZ.

The reason to purchase these product's is it was a nice surprise to actually see them on the shelf. I didn't intend on buying any skincare item's that day but they were heavily reduced so I thought it was the perfect opportunity because I'd wanted to try them anyway. I just hope my local store wasn't selling them off because they're not carrying this range anymore. My Farmers store is a small one, we only have a small beauty section compared to the bigger stores like Bayfair and Auckland and they don't carry a lot of the brand's I want to try or at least not the full range eg Antipodes.

FAB was created by a former American Beauty Editor named Lilli Gordon in 2009 and the range is Dermatologist Recommend, Allergy Tested and Fragrance Free.

Here's what FAB say's on their website:

In 2009, Lilli Gordon launched First Aid Beauty (AKA FAB). Lilli, a beauty industry veteran, found herself surrounded by products that worked but felt like medicine, felt great but were not effective, or smelled wonderful but made her sensitive skin red and irritated. Lilli created First Aid Beauty to provide highly effective yet luxurious products that treat everyday beauty and skincare challenges.

At FAB we like to keep it simple. The packaging says what the products do, and the products do what they say. And by keeping our packaging simple, you can be assured that our resources and yours are spent on what matters: what goes in the bottle. FAB products blend serious therapeutic action with luxurious textures, so individuals with tough skin conditions no longer have to sacrifice luxury nor tolerate greasy creams and bland formulas.

Trust is the cornerstone of the brand. Under the supervision of Dr. Robert Buka, a board-certified dermatologist, each and every ingredient that goes into a FAB product is rigorously researched, resulting in 21st century formulas that blend the best of science and the best of nature. Dr. Buka, FAB’s Chief Science Officer, is also there to make sure that First Aid Beauty products are as safe as they are effective.

FAB products are free of harsh chemicals and known allergens, including parabens, phthalates, alcohol, fragrances and artificial dyes. Select products also boast FDA-approved over-the-counter formulations that target specific skin issues such as eczema and acne. The result is true first aid beauty and a collection of products that may be used safely by even the most sensitive skin types.

There's 8 concern's for different skin types: Age Delay, Sensitive Skin, Dry Flaky Skin, Eczema and Dermatitis, Large Pores, Oily and Acne Prone Skin.
Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask 56.7g [2.0 oz] originally $25 / Sale $15 each

10 Minute Fix

Use To: Calm, nourish and smooth distressed skin

Safe for Sensitive Skin

Prior to using a skincare product, I make sure I remove the bulk of my makeup and then I use a little Bioderma to ensure I have clean skin. I have sensitive skin and I prefer using a Face Mask before Cleansing, generally mask's get all the nasties out of my pores better if I use them first, but if you prefer Cleansing first by all mean's do it the way you prefer. It's what work's best for me.

Face Cleanser - Daily Essentials with FAB Antioxidant Booster (141.7 g) [5.0 oz]
originally $30 / Sale $15 each

Use To: Remove surface oils, skin toxins, make-up, dirt and grime

Benefits: Calms sensitive skin

Features: Allergy-tested, Fragrance Free

Safe for Sensitive Skin

Ultra Repair Concentrate Face & Body Balm (Skin Protectant) 56.7g [2.0 oz]
originally $30? / Sale $20

Use To: Hydrate Skin. Warm in the palm of your hands and apply as needed.

Benefits: An extra rich balm for dry skin. Upon application, the balm melts into the skin, leaving a light protective finish. Immediately, the appearance of rough, cracked skin begins to improve. The formula blends waves, oils, antioxidants and reparative ingredients, such as colloidal oatmeal and allantoin for the ultimate skin health elixir.

Unfortunately, I was unable to purchase the Face Moisturiser because there weren't any on the shelf. I'm looking to purchase it before starting to use this range so I have all the product's I need for an everyday skincare routine.
Detox Eye Roller (Intense Repair) with FAB Antioxidant Booster 8.5ml [0.28fl oz]
Originally $25 / Sale $15 each

Use To: Alleviate undereye puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

Benefits: see below

Features: Allergy-tested and Fragrance free. The detox eye roller contains Caffeine, Hyaluronate and advance peptides which act synergistically to reduce of the appearance of underye puffiness, dark circles and fine lines with special light reflecting ingredients to brighten undereye area. The unique metal roller ball gently massages and delivers just the right amount of product. Within minutes, the appearance of the undereye area is improved with more dramatic results over time.
Ultra Repair Lip Therapy (Petroleum Free) 14.8ml [0.5 fl oz]
Originally $? / Sale $8 each

Use To: Hydrate, nourish and protect dry, chapped lip's.

Benefits: See below

Features: Petroleum free formula, easy to apply with a slight Mint scent (according to my nose), it goes on smoothly, it's not sticky, greasy, heavy or uncomfortable.

I'll probably start using this range once my current product's run out and when I can find the Face Moisturiser to complete the range. If I buy anything further I'll be sure to let you know.

I was so keen to try this brand after hearing so many good thing's about it online that I probably would've paid full price for these item's, had I known they were available at Farmers prior to discovering them on this shopping trip. If you can also get them on a red sticker clearance I suggest you pick up a two thing's and give them a try yourself. I suggest the Lip Therapy and the Detox Eye Roller as they're the smallest item's and I've dabbled using these two product's. I like how long the lip therapy stay's on my lip's and how it makes them feel soft, hydrated and the cooling eye roller ball has helped with my undereye puffiness and fine lines, it hasn't erased them completely but reduced the appearance.

If you've tried other FAB product's, let me know your recommendation's.

Are FAB product's your holy grail skincare?


I bought these product's with my own money. I'm not being paid or Sponsored to write about this brand. I just wanted to let you know firstly, it's available in NZ and secondly, I wanted to try it so I purchased a few item's to try for a good amount of time. I'll review them in the future. 

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