Saturday, 19 April 2014

I've popped my NARS cherry with NARSissist Palette!

When I first saw the NARSissist palette popping up on YouTube, I immediately knew it was something I'd like to own (I'm a NARS virgin) but I've alway's wanted to try their product's.

Recently the new Eye Primer and Concealer have been on my radar but so far I've resisted because I'm trying to shop my stash. For the record, I don't own any high-end makeup so it's a double-treat to myself for my birthday!

When I first heard about it I decided I'd better not but then a few day's later I started looking for it online in NZ. I couldn't find so I guessed that was a good thing but then quite a few month's later I saw it on Charlotte's blogsale so I thought about it some more and it was still for sale everytime I checked back on the site, so I thought what the hey - it's your birthday soon, you've had a terrible few month's, you deserve it so it's clearly a sign!

Check out Charlotte's blog here and her blogsale here.
Pictures of the NARSissist palette from Charlotte's blog. No Copyright Infringement intended.

I don't know what this goes for brand new but £53 (NZ$103) sounds like a steal to me!

I tend to buy myself treat's here and there but honestly until recently (I had outgrown my jean's because of weight-loss) so I bought two new pair's and a new sweater so I've been pretty good because I'm trying to save for an overseas trip next year. I don't have as much makeup as you might think.

I'm definitely going to have a play with this palette and I'll review it in the future.

If you own this palette and have blogged some look's you've created, please link below, I'd like to try and recreate them. Or if you have tutorial's on this palette on your YouTube channel, please also link your tutorial's below.

I'm looking for NARS recommendation's. The next thing I'll be looking to buy is the NARS Eye Primer so I can make these gorgeous shadow's stay on my lid's longer (I'm a super-oily eyelid girl).

Hit me up with your NARS holy grail product's, or if your a NARS virgin like me, tell me which NARS product(s) your coveting below.

Charlotte Evans from Ever In May's blog here, Bloglovin here,
Facebook here, Instagram here and Twitter here.

Thanks Charlotte, you've made me very happy!
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