Sunday, 25 May 2014

What's In My Shower? (May 2014)

I hope everyone's having a lovely weekend.

I haven't filmed a What's In My Shower since January, so I figured now since I've moved I'd show you what I'm using. I enjoy these kind's of videos so I hope you enjoy it too.

Thankyou so much for commenting, liking, sharing, subscribing and watching. 

I've reached nearly 300 subscriber's (I don't have a goal for subscriber number's)
thankyou for your support and patience whilst I've been moving this month.

I'll resume blogging next week and I'm planning to film another Empties and May Faves!

Here's the PlayList for the other What's In My Shower videos

Please leave comment's on the video on YouTube here. That way I have one place to see your comment or question and I can respond or you can tweet me @balmainbeauty

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