Sunday, 15 June 2014

MOR Snow Gardenia Perfume Oil

Today my obsession with the MOR brand continues with the Snow Gardenia Perfume Oil.

If you follow my blog, you might recall I've posted about a MOR product before, click here. I'll post about the candle, the shower and bath product and the sugar scrub very soon.

MOR are an Australian modern Apocathecary making luxurious product's such as perfume oil's, scented candle's, scented body and bath product's, scented soap's, scented body oil's, hand cream's etc.

I've been loving their Sugar Rose Tiger Lily range. In the SRTL range I have the bath and shower gel, the body lotion, sugar scrub, hand cream and a candle but I thought it was time to try a different scent.

I bought the snow gardenia perfume oil because it's a tiny purse sized roller ball and I thought it'd be great to top up whilst I'm out and about. It's a sweet scent which can be worn year round, although for me I personally I decided to start using it in Winter. The floral scent perk's me up and remind's me of gardenia's I used to grow in my garden in the UK.
Snow Gardenia is a sweet floral. It's a beautiful long-lasting, intoxicating scent and smell's like a bouquet of fresh gardenia's you've just picked from your garden. I like it's a roller ball because you just roll it across your wrist's a few time's and it last's (on my skin) all day.
What I like about MOR: the product's are luxurious but affordable, they make a lot of product's and they often have Sales where you can get discount's on double-product pack's like a bath and shower gel and a body lotion for under $40.

To sum thing's up, I'm really pleased with the Snow Gardenia scent and I'll definitely be picking up a few more product's from this range in the future.

Other MOR range's I'd like to try are: Italian Blood Orange, Neroli Clementine, White Hydrangea and Black Plum.

If you'd like information about MOR, please click here. They ship Internationally and you can shop by Collection, Fragrance or Product. MOR do not test on animal's.

If you've tried MOR's product's before, which scent's and product's you've tried.

MOR are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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