Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Longchamp : Fall Collection 2014

Every season Longchamp release a new collection. The forthcoming Fall Collection look's right up my street (I'd like one in each colour please plus the matching purse).

I own two Longchamp bag's from their Le Pliage Collection in a Black (Medium) which I bought from one of their stores in Paris in 2011 and a Red/Berry colour (Small) from a London store also in 2011 and they both still look new, the handle on the black bag has patina a little bit but I expected it to do so. I have to admit I wear the black more because it fit's more in it and goes with the majority of my clothing. It's my go to Autumn/Winter bag but I also use it in Summer from time to time.

Here's a post on my first Le Pliage bag here

Do you own a Longchamp bag or do you have a Longchamp Collection? 

The bright colour's look so pretty. I do like a pop of colour in Autumn/Fall.

Click here to view the Fall Collection 2014.

You can find International Longchamp sites here

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