Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Popbasic : The Red Le Breton

Update: 24th July 2014, unfortunately the Red Le Breton has SOLD OUT!

Today, the red Le Breton from Popbasic went live - there's only 10 day's to pre-order!

If your not familiar with Popbasic, it's a US based fashion company (co-owned by an Australian called Madeline (Maddy) Veenstra. Popbasic sell great quality, affordable pieces and usually release a new collection or a single piece every month (this isn't a monthly subscription service) just buy when you see something you like.

In the past few month's they released another Le Breton Top and two collection's called The Paloma (a 3 piece Collection) and recently The Jane (a 2 piece collection). Each collection might have a top, a skirt, a scarf, a piece of jewellery or a bag or is sold as a single piece. I'm still quite new to Popbasic so I don't know previous collection's were sold and which pieces that made up each collection.

My very first Popbasic order was the Navy Blue and White Le Breton Tee which I ordered in May and I received it today. I'm really pleased it's arrived so I can start wearing it and I think it'd pair perfectly with jean's or cord's, denim, a pair of black or navy blue trouser's or a skirt (it'd also be nice with short's but for now being mid-winter I'm not so keen on the idea of wearing short's until Summer).

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Click on the first picture to sign-up to Popbasic using my *Affiliate link and you'll receive US$15 off your first order with Popbasic as well as FREE International Shipping! (please note you can use my referral code once per person). It's free to signup to Popbasic and you'll receive forthcoming Popbasic news by email. 

It happen's to be a nice coincidence the Red Le Breton was launched today because my first Popbasic Le Breton Top (the navy blue and white) arrived so I decided today's video will be a Popbasic Haul which consist's of the blue and white Le Breton Tee and my 3 piece Paloma Collection both of which have unfortunately soldout. 

The Jane Collection consist's of a Blush coloured Tee, a basic Black Pencil Skirt and a Deux Loop Necklace is still available here. The sizing for Jane is: Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large, the necklace is one size only and the 3 piece collection US$75 or $15 off if you use my link (and you haven't made a purchase from Popbasic before).

This afternoon I pre-ordered a Red Le Breton, please look for it in a forthcoming post and/or Haul in August or September. I've been after a Le Breton top for almost a year but I couldn't find one here so thankyou very much Popbasic. The navy blue and white le breton is beautiful. Now I have two Le Breton top's I wonder if Popbasic would release one with either a hot pink stripe or a mint green or even a chartreuse because I'd love either of those le breton's colour's in my wardrobe. The sizing for the Le Breton top's are; Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large. When I get around to posting an outfit of the day wearing the Le Breton I'll definitely post it here and on Instagram and Twitter.

The video link to my first Popbasic Haul is here.

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