Sunday, 13 July 2014

Viva La Juicy : Juicy Couture

As a regular reader, you might recall I prefer floral and fruity scent's than musky/woody scent's (having said I'm obsessed with Bath& Bodywork's Mahogany Teakwood), a teakwood musky/woody scent. To me it's a masculine scent but I know a lot of girl's who love it!

VLJ has been on my Wishlist for age's but I've got a lot of other perfume's I want to use up. When I go into a store and it's on the shelf I'll spritz it on myself. I think the packaging of the bottled perfume is cute and the scent last's on my skin longer than most perfumes I've tried. I've almost caved into buying it a few times but resisted. I'll buy it before Christmas or wait to see if it comes out in a giftset (highly unlikely) because this perfume was launched in 2008 and I think I've wanted it since 2009.

I received this vial in a beauty box subscription.
 I normally don't like sample's of perfume's in subscription boxes but I was happy to see this one and it's been in my purse a while. I was changing handbag's on Tuesday so I've recently started wearing it again. It's a small 1.5ml vial so it's not going to last much longer. What I like about this sample is the cute small size and of course the scent and that it's a spray. I prefer a spray vial's over the dab one's. I tend to use more than I need with spray but I'd rather do that than not use it at all because it's broken in my purse or I haven't worn it and it goes off. 

The scent of VLJ is a little bit sweet but that's not a deal breaker for me. I realise perfume's change depending on your body chemistry but it's sweet, floral and has a bit of dark woody/sandly/musky dry down to it on my skin. I would go as far to say when it dries down it almost smell's like men's aftershave on me and that's not a problem. I quite like a lot of men's aftershave/fragrances. 

Unfortunately because it's a sample it doesn't really give you information on what's in the scent but I've done a bit of online research to give you an idea (just in case you haven't tried it/smelt it yet).

Fragrancex describes it as:

a gourmand/fruity/floral fragrance and just the scent for trendy women. Top notes of wild berries and juicy mandarin meet a floral heart of honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine, whilst the base notes are yummy gourmand notes of amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and pralines.

I definitely recommend you give it a whiff, it's pretty easy to find in most department stores, chemist's etc. It's pricey in New Zealand but I think I'll check out Duty Free stores when I arrive at Auckland Airport in a couple of month's and I'll definitely be looking at perfume's and prices in Australia.

Do you like this scent, can you recommend other Juicy Couture perfume's I should test?

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