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Australis: Curve Ink Liquid Eyeliner

I've been meaning to review this eyeliner for a while. I don't wear eyeliner everyday because I'm crap at it. I've tried using tape to help me get the flick/cat eye and I haven't been able to master it and I can't do it freehand so I pretty much just use eyeliner at the base of my top lashes to create the illusion I have thicker lashes, sometimes it work's and sometime's it doesn't and that's not the fault of the product, it's down to me needing to practice.
I don't claim to be a makeup expert or Artist. This product was released I'm going to say in early 2013. I remember the first one I bought (not this one) and it was only available as a Gift With Purchase so I bought my first one in May 2013 when I was in Auckland and shopping with Lizzy from My Foxy Corner. It took me a couple of week's but I started using it. I didn't feel confident enough that it looked any good to wear it in public for a few more week's but then I just stopped worrying about it and no-one ever said that it looked bad so I think that's a good sign or maybe they felt sorry for me and didn't want to embarrass me.
I recently went through my makeup and knew the first curve eyeliner was over a year old and was time to throw away (you should replace eyeliner and mascara every 3 month's). I tend to not want to throw them away, even if I'm not using it because I'm a bit of a hoarder in makeup and  thing's in general but recently I bought a new Makeup Storage Container and so I knew it was time to throw it out and you'll see the old one in my next empties video along with some other expired product's (it was really hard for me to part with them). Click here for the Makeup Storage video.

What I like about this curved eyeliner compared to a pencil version, is that it's liquid, the tip is soft, not too pointy and has a nice curve to the handle as you can see, it fit's in your hand and I find it really easy to handle and apply. It work's well in my right hand but when I try to use it in my left hand I'm not that great with it, again no fault of the product but I can't do my left eye with the eyeliner in my right hand and I'm also pretty crap at painting my right fingernail's. I have a lack of co-ordination. I'd normally go with a brown eyeliner, it's not as harsh but I think this only comes in black. I'd definitely think about buying one if they released it in Blue as well as Brown *hint* *hint*

I really think if you like liquid eyeliner and can get yourself one of these you'll probably like it. I've never tried a gel formula eyeliner but I don't get along with pencil so this eyeliner does a much better job than anything else I've tried in the past so I'm hoping to pick up a couple when I'm in Sydney in September. I'm sorry I can't show it in more detail to you but my eye's are still not okay from a recent eye test at the Opticians and my lash line is may be suffering from an early onset of Hey Fever.

Here's a video from the Australis YouTube channel on the Curve Ink Liquid Eyeliner.

I'm pretty sure the second one I bought (the one above) was something like $17.50 from Kmart NZ and it's slightly a bit more expensive from Farmers it's AU$14.95 so I hope I can get a couple at Priceline. I'll definitely be getting at least one more of these in the next 3 months to replace this one.

If you have a lot of makeup and have setup a system on how you keep track of when you purchased a product, when you first used it and/or when you last used it and how long the product is good for, please let me know how you keep track of your product's. I'm currently using a Notebook but sometimes I forget to write thing's down or I misplace the Notebook. I'm looking for a better system.

Have you tried the Australis Curved Ink Liquid Eyeliner yet? 

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