Monday, 18 August 2014

The #SELFIE Eyeshadow Palette

There's a lot of department store/drugstore/high street makeup brand's I like and I have a good mix of budget and mid-range product's (sadly there's only one high-end product) in my Collection.

I'm a fan of affordable brand's like Australis Cosmetics, ChiChi and MUA and I was looking on the Makeup Revolution website which I'd only heard about recently (MR is a new UK budget beauty brand) so I was looking for an Everyday / Nude palette [I don't own any of the Naked palettes] and I found this one and I thought it was pretty and the name was fun plus it wouldn't break my budget.

The #Selfie Palette is by I Heart Makeup which I believe is part of Makeup Revolution and it comes with really pretty shades, nice nude shades with glitter and a couple of matte looking one's and there's also some darker colour's for a smokey eye. This palette was the bargain price of £4.99 which is NZ$10 and AU$8.95. The palette comes with 10 shade's, a good size mirror, packaging is cute.

What I Like about this Palette:

The size of the palette, the mix of nude's and dark shadow's and the cute shade name's.

From left to right:

Check Us In, Me, Me, Me!, #Chockfix, Goldigga, #Awks, #LOVE, Share This, #Trashy, #Club and How Many Likes?

I haven't used this palette yet because I want it to be perfect for blog photo's so I'll be swatching this palette separately and I'm thinking I'm going to make a video about it very soon. Once I've had a bit of a play with some of the shades, I'll let you know what I think of it. I'm leaning toward's the everyday shade's of which there are 7 or 8 #Trashy (Grey), #Club (Dark Grey/Light Black) and How Many Likes? (dark copper) are the 3 darker shades so I'd probably wear those for a night-time look.

The neatness of this palette is it has a different coloured #Selfie lid depending on when it's open and the lighting, it's holographic. I've tried to capture the lid in photo's so I hope you can see what I'm talking about. This palette will sit nicely in a small to medium bag (I've recently downsized my handbag for practicality) I found my bigger bag's require more content's inside them to keep their shape.

The palette also comes with a Free Eye Shadow Primer in 3ml or 5ml. It's in a nude shade so I'm definitely going to use it underneath these shadow's. I have to wear an eye primer or my shadow's wear off, fade and look patchy so I'm hoping this one prolong's the shadow wear.
Let me know if you'd like a post on affordable drugstore/high street Eye Primer's because I've tried quite a few and have a couple of favourites and there's also been some fail's.

Although I haven't started using the palette yet, I'm looking forward to doing so. I'll be taking it with me to Sydney because I like the shade's and it's perfect for traveling. I'm going to include it a New Palettes video along with the It's Judy Time palette from BH Cosmetics and my Narcissist palette from NARS (my first NARS product), look out for that video soon.

Just a head's up that September's going to be a very busy month for me. Early next month I'm moving out of the housesitting flat (as I write this today I still don't know where I'm moving yet but I'll update you soon. I don't think it's going to be too far from where I am now). I have to find a new place to live, as well as work at my paying job and then pack and move and unpack - then I'm flying to Sydney for my first #IMATS

In Sydney I'll post as often as I can when I'm not outside enjoying the weather and the sight's (I'll probably post after dinner or early morning) and I'll also be vlogging, however vlog's probably won't be posted on my vlog channel until I return home, unless they're quick videos because the purpose of this trip is a holiday and I don't want to spend a huge chunk of time in my hotel editing videos and uploading them and spending lot's of money on using the Internet. 

If you'd like to see pictures I'm taking along the way in Sydney, especially at IMATS, please follow me on Instagram here. I'm really looking forward to my trip and meeting a lot of the beauty girl's that I subscribe to and hopefully pick up some ideas for future videos and maybe I'll be lucky enough to find someone willing to make a collaboration video or two with me and help me film some  OOTD's.

I've got a few more post's coming up but at the end of the month it'll be less frequent, please bear with me and you if you like you can catchup with me on my Facebook page or Twitter.

Let me know if you have this palette and if you've created some post's on the different look's you've achieved, or if you've created a Tutorial with this palette on your YouTube channel.

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