Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Favourite Spring 2014 Blush

If your not into the heavy blush look, I think you'll like this shade. 

You don't need the exact shade or brand. I'm shopping my stash, working with colour's suiting my skin. I like affordable blushes (that are cruelty free) so it'd be nice to see more drugstore brand's stop testing makeup on animal's! I like using them lightly, but be able to build-up the intensity!

I re-discovered this blush in June and since then I've been using it the
most out of about 25 blushes I have in my collection!
Australis Cosmetics: Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush in Shoot To Thrill (posted here) - sadly it look's like the PP HD blushes have been discontinued. I couldn't find them on their site.

Shoot to thrill was the very first Australis blush I tried when I bought this in 2012. I like the colour's, there are 4 shades of pink here. I'm a blush swirler so if there's multiple colour's I like to use all the colour's most of the time, sometimes I'll use a smaller brush to pickup a colour I want to wear but more often than not it's a swirl, it's just easier and I think it makes a pretty combination of colour's.

What are your go-to cheek colour's for Spring, do they transition into Summertime look's?

I'm planning to film a My Favourite Blushes video in the future
so this will make an appearance along with some other fave blush product's.

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