Sunday, 30 November 2014

Blog Sale!

I've found product's I've only swatched or worn a little as well as brand new item's to sell, if there's anything you'd like, please comment below or on the item I've listed on Depop. I've also created a Pinterest board to show what's available. I'll add more in the coming week's.

Please let me know if there's 2 or more item's you'd like and I'll give you a good deal.

Everything is listed for Sale on Depop here!

To purchase from Depop you need your own account or create an account (free).

You need to be aware of the currency of the item(s) being sold! - Mine are NZ$.

You also must buy using PayPal only. If you don't have PayPal yet signup here (free).

If you want to convert currency. I recommend using

Phone apps


Depop have an Android app (free) here
XE have an Android app (free) here
PayPal have an Android app (free) here


Depop have an iPhone app (free) here
XE have an iPhone app (free) here
PayPal have an iPhone app (free) here


for phone's using Windows here


Note: Not Sponsored by Depop, PayPal, XE or any brand's I'm mentioning.

Some item's have sold (you'll see sold item's when you visit my Depop linked here). 

I'd appreciate it, if you could share this post online so I can ship these product's to new homes!

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