Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Chi Chi Cosmetics : 5 Professional Looks On The Go

A little while ago this Chi Chi product popped up on Instagram. I instantly felt drawn to it because it's pretty and has a lot of wearable looks. I'm pretty sure it's a Christmas 2014 release and once it's sold out, it might be gone forever. It cost's A$30 + Shipping which is amazing!
This would make a fantastic Christmas gift, the choices of shades is amazeballs!
Each palette is easy to remove from underneath and put into the compact, don't try lifting them out by the sides because they fit snuggly into the base, you don't want to damage the product.

Each palette comes with a full length lid mirror, 6 eyeshadows, a blush or contour shade and a lipgloss. You can swap with a lipgloss you prefer, the lipglosses are all the same size, the selection of shades is amazing so you can get a lot of use out of these shades all year.
Here's a palette up close so you can see the mirror and how it looks in the palette holder.
I think I'm in love with every single palette!
So here's what you get for your money:
30 eyeshadows, 3 bronzer face powders, 2 blush powders and
5 lipglosses in Chi Chi's Best of Shades

No matter where you are in the world this clever, pop-out make up palette system will have every fashion look requirement covered. You can either take all 5 looks away with you on holiday or place any one of the five individual fashionable colour compacts into your individual travel palette case (included inside the larger palette) touch up anywhere, it fits neatly in the smallest of handbags.

If I could change two thing's about this palette:

1) I'd like that they had shade names;
2) It'd be even more handy if you had a palette eg. with a contour shade and
you wanted to swap it out for a blush that you could do it as easily as
pushing the palette from underneath, but you can't swap anything except the
lipgloss - other than these suggestion's I think it's outstanding!

ChiChi Cosmetics are an Australian brand, they ship Worldwide. If you happened to have read my post on the Chi Chi Ace Your Bases palette here I've written about Chi Chi before and probably will be in the future because it's Australian, cruelty free, affordable and easy to find in Australia and New Zealand stores or you can order from anywhere in the world online.

This palette is exclusive to Target stores Australia but it's also available online, that's where I bought mine. If I find it in Farmers NZ I'll post an update but I don't expect to see it on the Chi Chi display.

If you like the 5 Professional Looks On The Go, you can order it from Chi Chi here.

Choose Chi Chi (Only Tested on Family & Friends)

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