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LustHaveIt : September 2014

I recently subscribed to LustHaveIt. They've been around for a while in Australia but only recently started shipping to NZ but I knew it was happening approx. 18 month's ago.

I'm happy to receive my first parcel (it comes in a makeup bag for NZ subscriber's and not a box) well at least this first one did and I like the colour and size of it so that was a bonus.

All the brand's accept ModelCo I've not tried before so I thought that was great.

Model Co Lip Lacquer (Fire Red) 3g/0.10 fl oz - full size
On LustHaveIt's Facebook before this month's goodies were being put together, you were asked to give 3 choice's of lip lacquer shade you would like to receive. I was well within the cut off time I said apricot/peach/coral, pink or nude - maybe they'd run out of those so I received the red, it's gorgeous but I don't think I'm ready to rock such a bold lip and if I did want to step-out-of-my-comfort-zone I'd probably wait for Winter which isn't until next year and I'd like to use the lip lacquer in 2014.

I'd like to swap my Fire Red ModelCo lip lacquer!
(if you'd like to swap with me, please comment below)

Dr Hauschka (Bain Amande) Almond Soothing Bath Essence (10ml) 0.34 fl oz

Dr Hauschka is a German brand and I know you you buy it at the Dr Hauschka counter at Smith & Caughey in Auckland (it's the only place I've seen it) they have a NZ web shop too. I'm a newbie to Dr H. I'm going to be soaking myself in this almond scented goodness tonight (my new flat has a bath).  My only negative is I wish we'd received a bigger size but I guess if you bought a bigger bottle of this and if it's decantable then you can fill up this vial to take traveling and that's a bonus. The full size is 100ml and costs NZ$44.00 here. I like that Dr Hauschka is a cruelty free brand.

Glam by Manicare Express 3 in Popping Pink (22177) 5ml
I'm a magpie for pink and sparkles/glitter/shimmer so this is right up my street. It contain's a pink nail polish some pink gem's and a nail stencil so you can put the gem's into the stencil to create a design. I guess you add the gem's to wet nail's to set them as there's no glue in the box but the top of this product has a fine tip. I haven't played with this yet but I'll definitely create a mani and post a picture either here and/or on My Instagram in the next few week's. Glam By Manicare site here.  

Uriage Surgras Liquide Dermatologique Gel Mousse
Cleansing Gel Face and Body for Sensitive Skin and Hypoallengic (8ml) 0.27 fl oz
This is a sample from a French Skincare company and it's a nice little sample. I have to admit the French skincare product's I've tried have been amazing so far so I'm excited to try this one. 

It has a light floral scent. I haven't looked at the ingredient's but I can smell Lavender and scented face product's don't bother me, sniffing this is calming and it feel's cool on your skin which is also okay with me. 

I'm definitely going to use this product. I'd have to do some research into all the other brand's. At the moment only Dr Hauschka, ModelCo and The Cosmetics Kitchen are cruelty free.

The Cosmetic Kitchen Macadamia Wax Creme Highlighter (6g) AU$24.90
This is an Australian brand so we've got quite a good mix of Countries represented in this month's bag. I've never heard of a creme highlighter but I do like macadamia scented product's and I like the different shaped packaging of this product. It comes with an applicator under the lid. I didn't receive a product card in my bag so I had to go to The Cosmetics Kitchen's site for information on this product. It's a skin highlighter that contain's some shimmer but once you put it on your skin it leaves a nice glow (no glitter visible). I definitely will give this product a go and report back. Having been to the cosmetic kitchen website it has cruelty free on the main page and that's important to me. 

My initial thought's on my first LustHaveIt is pretty good. I like they've included product's from different countries but I'd also like to see more Australian and New Zealand product's in the future because we have amazing beauty, skin and haircare companies etc. I also like a full size ModelCo Lip Lacquer was included, it's NZ$28 so this one product paid for my subscription $17.21. I received $5 off my first bag as a new subscriber through a code on Lena Talks Beauty's site here which is where I first heard about LHI now shipping to New Zealand, thanks Lena. 

My first favourite in the September bag is the Dr Hauschka Almond Bath Essence, then Glam by Manicure nail art pen, the Uriage Cleansing Face & Body Gel and then the Cosmetics Kitchen Highlighter. If the ModelCo Lip Lacquer had been in a shade I'd requested it'd be my favourite because I do like all of the ModelCo product's I've tried in the past and this is a full size product. This isn't by any mean's a fault by ModelCo or LustHaveIt - I guess it was the luck of the draw for the shade's and I missed out on my preference. 

I'm really looking forward to the October bag which I hope arrives soon. The September bag was late so hopefully the November bag will be arriving in the first half of November. I hope in November I receive a product card or the Lustre magazine or both. I like the card's with product info and price's.

LustHaveIt also have an ECO box, a Bridal box, a Fashion & Beauty Box and mine is the Women's Beauty Box. The prices quoted on the website are Australian $ - add about an extra $10 for NZ.You can be a monthly subscriber or they have a 6 monthly price and a year price.

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