Thursday, 20 November 2014

Run, Don't Walk! (Unichem & Life Pharmacies) NZ

In the past 6 month's my local pharmacy was Unichem but it was taken over by Life. Since then I've noticed they're stocking a bigger range of product's.

I received a brochure in my letterbox this morning and there's so many great offer's I just had to share them immediately!

OPI (15ml) 2 FOR $30

OPI is usually sold for $20 to $25 per bottle so I think this offer is too good to pass on. OPI happen to be one of my favourite polish brand's. I'll definitely buy at least 2 bottle's before this offer expires 7th December 2014 (page 28).

Essie Color Icons Mini Kit (3 mini bottles) $19.99 each

I hardly ever go through an entire bottle of full size nail polish so I like these mini kit's because you get 3 polishes and not only are they travel friendly/bag friendly their cute and the range of colour's released in the mini kit's are usually right up my street. 

In this kit you get Mademoiselle (a ballet pink), Fifth Avenue (a vibrant red/orange/coral) and one of the classic best selling Essie shade's, Mint Candy Apple (mint). I think each bottle is 5ml or 7ml and considering a full bottle cost's $24 here $20 for 3 mini's is pretty fantastic! Essie are another favourite brand of mine. This offer expires 7th December 2014 (page 28).

Maybelline New York

Lip and Nail range BUY 1 GET 1 FREE (you can choose any lip lacquer or nail polish). MNY isn't exactly cheap even though it's a drugstore brand so this offer is also pretty good. This offer expires 7th December 2014 (page 28).

Revlon ColorStay Nail Envy 2 for $24

I haven't tried the nail envy polishes from Revlon. Colorstay nail envy polishes are long wearing gel polishes that you don't need to cure with a UV lamp. The range of shades are beautiful and considering these usually retail for $24+ each, this offer is ANY 2 colorstay nail envy (full size) and this offer expires 7th December 2014 (page 28).

Marc Jacobs Daisy [EDT] (50ml) $78 each

The original Marc fragrance is daisy with the white and gold daisy lid. I'm a fan of this scent but own the Eau So Fresh which is a pale pink daisy flower lid. I'm pretty sure this size retail's for just under $100 or somewhere up to $125 each. The 50ml is $78 which I think for a perfume it's fantastic! This offer expires 7th December 2014 (page 27).

Vera Wang Princess [EDT] (50ml) $55 each

Another perfume I've wanted to own for a very long time but just never got around to buying. This was the original princess fragrance and there's so many spin-off's now. When I was in Sydney I smelt the Preppy Princess and I really liked that one but restrained myself. However, seeing as this also usually sell's for around $100 or more in this size I'm definitely considering parting with my money because this offer is too good to pass on. This offer expires 7th December 2014 (page 27).

DKNY Delicious (30ml) $39 each

Another range of perfumes I've got on my wishlist. Included for this price is Be Delicious, Golden Delicious and Fresh Blossom. I'm a fan of Be Delicious but I've not smelt the other two. I'm seriously thinking I need Be Delicious in my life too! This offer expires 7th December 2014 (page 27).

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck [EDP] 100ml $55 each

My favourite of the Taylor fragrances. I remember buying mine and it was $75 for the same size as this one.  I definitely recommend this scent if you like deep woodsy scent's that also have a bit of a floral. I wear this during the day and at night. I think this price is fantastic. This offer expires 7th December 2014 (page 26).

Other celebrity fragrances are

Katy Perry Killer Queen and Purr (100ml) for $49 each. Kim Kardashian [EDP] and Gold [EDP] (100ml) for $39 each. Rhianna Reb'l Fleur [EDP] (100ml) $45 each. Selena Gomez [EDP] (100ml) $45 each. Jennifer Anniston [EDP] (85ml) $45 each. One Direction [EDP] That Moment (50ml) $59 each. Beyonce Heat and Midnight Heat [EDP] (100ml) $29 each and Eva by Eva Longoria [EDP] (100ml) $39 each. These offer's expire 7th December 2014 (page 26).

Australis Cosmetics

Spend $20 on the Australis Metallics ACME range & receive a Blackfest Black Eye Pencil FREE! In the ACME range are nail polish, Metallic Velour Lips and Glittery Eyeshadow single's. This offer expires 7th December 2014 (page 25).

Antipodes and Thompson's

BUY ANY 2 Antipodes or Thompson's products and get 1 FREE! Included in Antipodes is the Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream, the Jubilation Hand and Body Cream. Thompson's products are Glucosamine & Chondroitin, Immunofort and AstaMax. This offer expires 7th December 2014 (page's 1 and 12).

Bondi Sands

I've heard from so many people about this Australian self-tanning brand. It's salon quality and gives you a natural healthy bronzed look. 20% off all Bondi Sands products. This offer expires 7th December 2014 (page 2).

Batiste Dry Shampoo (200ml) $12.99 each

My love of Batiste is well documented. My favourite is Coconut & Tropical and also Blush. I'm keen to try the Wild scent and the Mamba. Considering the 200ml can's are usually $17.99+ depending where you shop, I think this price is fabulous. I'll definitely be picking up at least one, possibly in the Wild scent before this offer expires. This offer expires 7th December 2014 (page 6).

There are heap's more offer's especially on men's fragrances and Revlon nail polish and lipgloss kit's etc. I've featured the product's and brand's I think were the standout's based on price and what's included. I definitely suggest going to Unichem or Life Pharmacy near you and pick up a brochure in-store (it should be outside or just inside the store). This is the brochure expiring 7th December. 

What I also like about shopping at these pharmacies is your buying legit item's and for every $25 you spend you get 1 Fly Buys Point. Life Pharmacy have a store reward card you can join for Free. I'm a Member and I've nearly racked up 200 point's so I'll be checking to see if I've got enough point's to redeem on my next shop and let you know what I spent my point's on.

Please forgive the lack of pictures on these item's but I wanted to post it asap and sourcing the pictures would've taken up a lot of time. I figured if you haven't heard of these brand's you can see them in-store or look them up online and not posting pictures here has been a timesaver for me.

Please let me know if you buy anything from the current brochure I didn't mention or anything I have mentioned. I'll post one or two more of these possibly from other stores in the next few week's so you can get these deal's in time for Christmas.


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