Monday, 3 November 2014

Sharing The Love: My Fave Blogger's/Instagrammer's & YouTuber's (Part 1)

I thought I'd write a different kind of post today to share some of my fave online peep's with you. It probably won't be my only post about it. I post regularly on Instagram click here to follow me.

If your anything like me, the last thing I do before going to sleep is watch YouTube, check my Instagram regularly along with Twitter and my Facebook page and also a few of the games app's I have on my Samsung Galaxy S5.  Instagram is by far my favourite of all the #socialmedia apps!

One of my faves is Holly who happen's to be a friend I met in London when I lived there. We both Won a competition to go the premiere of the 2009 Legally Blonde Musical UK theatre production at The Savoy Theatre staring Sheridan Smith. We just clicked and although we've only met one time, we stay in touch on facebook and now she's a fellow blogger/vlogger known as UK Extreme Couponing Mum. You may have seen her on TV because she's got the biggest couponing, competition's and freebies site in the UK! I'm so proud of what she's achieved and together with her husband Callum they have two little one's. Such a cute little family. I look forward to their vlog's more because living in NZ I can't get any of the UK couponing deal's and in-store discount's. If your into couponing and live in the UK you should definitely check out Holly's facebook page, blog and youtube channel (all linked above).

My next favourite is Byron (I first discovered him because I subscribe to his wife Rachel's beauty channel and she mentioned he had a channel a very long time ago). I like cooking and I like taking photo's of food I make and when I eat out so it was a no-brainer to subscribe to Byron's channel to get some idea's to create dishes I've never tried before or for easy recipe's to make. I needed new recipe's to spice thing's up because the dishes I made regularly weren't very exciting for eg. I'd eaten spaghetti Bolognese many time's and I was sick of it and wanted to try new thing's.

Byron cook's on his own channel and is a trained Chef who gave up working in restaurant's to work doing what he loves which is cooking on his own term's. Byron make's recipe's that not only look delicious but are easy to recreate at home. I also enjoy his new cooking series called The Dish on the Kin Community channel here. On The Dish Byron cook's with his wife Rachel. Both are interesting to watch and they recently had their first baby named Oliver whose a little cutie. A cute family, I enjoy watching them on da tube. I wish they had time to post vlog's on their vlog channel often.
I'm a fan of Anna's Beauty & Vlog channel as well as her Blog too. You probably already know who she is. She's one of my fave UK blogger's and post's everything from homeware, to fashion, to food, makeup and more. I also look forward to watching her weekly vlog's with her boyfriend Mark (usually at the start of the week they filmed the week before).

With the time difference I miss out on a lot of new post's so there's alway's catching up to when I find time, or have a day off I binge watch all the videos and post's published that I've missed. I can't imagine a world without blog's and youtube. YouTube is my second favourite social media.

Another favourite is Canadian blogger Estée who lives in London with her boyfriend Aslan and their rescued greyhound Reggie. You might know her as Essie or Essiebutton. Again another blogger/vlogger whose all over the YouTube etc and coined the phrase "da clip", if you watch her beauty videos you'll know what I'm talking about there's a little somethin somethin for everyone. 
Estée crack's me up and her boyfriend, Aslan's a pretty good cook. I enjoy his recipe's and DIY's that pop-up on their vlog channel as well as walking Reggie and Reggiecam, he's a big cutie.

Please Follow them on Instagram and Subscribe to their Blog's and YouTube Channel's etc.

Let me know if you like this post. I'm already starting to put together the next
Sharing The Love post and will publish it before this Friday!


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