Wednesday, 17 December 2014

DIY : Repurpose a Candle Jar into a Storage Jar

This is my first DIY post and most of you probably already repurpose but I decided to write a post for those who don't know how, or hadn't thought about repurposing old glass candle jar's into a storage jar (I was doing one this afternoon) so I thought it was a good idea to post about it too. 

I like repurposing jar's because they're usually a good size, I find them handy to use for something else, they look cute in my bathroom or bedroom and I'm up-cycling - giving it a new purpose.

What you'll need for this project

1 stovetop
1 saucepan
1 pair of Oven Mitt's
1 used glass jar candle
1 knife
1 wax/tarte burner

Firstly, get a saucepan and fill it almost 1/2 full of water (depending on how much wax you have to melt). I suggest adding the candle to the pan before you put it on the stovetop. Wait a few minutes for the wax to completely melt - once wax has melted turn off the heat and remove pan from stovetop.

Keep a knife handy because you'll need it to remove wick's once the candle wax melt's.

You'll need oven mitt's to hold the jar whilst removing the wick's once the wax has completely melted.  Once the wick's are removed, use the mitt's to hold the glass and pour the wax into your Wax/Tart Burner straight away, if you leave it the wax will cool and you'll have to go through the process of melting the wax again.
Wait until your old candle jar has cooled and then use warm water and dishwashing liquid to clean it, you might need the knife for stubborn wax inside the jar so keep that handy and then wash the entire container clean, you can keep the label's if you like or soak to remove the label or use your knife.
Once clean, dry with a dishcloth and put the item's in the jar you want to store. I find jar's are good brush holder's (if the brushes don't have super long handle's) or I use them for storing cotton pad's, cotton's bud's, hair clip's, hair ties, small jewellery, staples, paper clip's etc.

I've left the label on this one because it's a nice colour and it's in tact. I filled this jar with cotton round's/pad's and cotton bud's and a small bottle of nail polish remover and a pair of scissor's. I'll keep this in my desk just in case I want to remove my nail polish during the day.

I like repurposing old jar's of sauce or jam as they're tall and you can fit a good 4 to 6 brushes in them. I haven't gone so far as to decorate a jar by spray painting or applying blackboard paint to create a label or add glitter etc but I'm definitely looking at doing it in the New Year.
You can also use old baby formula can's, milo tins etc, remove the label if it's paper, use soap and water to clean it and use cardboard around the can to hide any logo's or writing you don't want to see and then design on the cardboard and glue the cardboard. 

I hope you liked this post, please let me know what you like to repurpose and if you have any repurposing post's you've written, please comment and include the link below.

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