Monday, 1 December 2014

BronzeEyed Girl

I was excited to see teaser's Australis Cosmetics instagrammed 2 week's ago, see the glittery goodness here and then they announced they were launching a Limited Edition Eyeshadow palette called Bronze Eyed Girl. In Australia it's available at BigW stores for A$9.99 but I found some at my local Farmers and I'm sure it's widely available around New Zealand.
The offer I managed to at my local Farmers store was spend NZ$25 on any Australis product's and receive the Bronze Eyed Girl palette as a GWP (gift with purchase). I don't know how long the offer is around. I hope it's still available. I bought these product's on 20th November 2014.
Considering this palette is worth A$9.95 and to make up the $25 to qualify for the gift, I picked up a pack of 3 in 1 Wipes, which I've never tried before. I needed a new Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder and what made my day even better was I picked up the very last F&F in Natural that's in the old black packaging! I spent $32 on Australis to qualify for the GWP - one was a repurchase and the other was a new to me product to try so I'll report back on the 3 in 1 wipes.
There's 6 large pan's and the net weight is 21g (0.74oz). One thing missing is a mirror under the lid. I think the palette would appeal to more if it contained a mirror but then again weighing up the offer or even for the price of A$9.95 this is't a deal breaker. I think it'd be travel friendly but it's kind of large to carry around with you on a daily basis, especially if your using small handbag's or even a clutch. I'm looking forward to using it. It'd be perfect for Christmas parties, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve so put on your sexy, sparkly party dress and create a gorgeous makeup look! I like the packaging even though it's without a mirror. The other thing I noticed are the shades don't have names or number's, the packaging is a sturdy plastic. Overall I'm pretty impressed with it so far.
I'm rubbish at swatching, please visit the swatches on Australis' Instagram here!

If your looking to buy Australis Cosmetics in the USA you'll find they're now stocking Australis and Innoxa product's here.  I can't see this palette on their site but they have VelourLip's, Blushes and more. Australis can also be bought direct from their Australian web shop here (Australian order's only), Priceline, BigW, Target? and Kmart Australia and Kmart New Zealand and Farmers stores.

Australis don't test on animal's!


This post isn't Sponsored by Australis Cosmetics. I bought Australis product's over NZ$25 in order to receive this gift with purchase. I paid for everything with my own money. All opinion's are 100% honest and are my own word's and photo's.

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