Sunday, 7 December 2014

#Vlogmas 2 (07/12/14)

I hope your having a lovely weekend!

In case you missed my previous update, I've decided to do Vlogmas 2014.
My life isn't exciting enough to film everyday so I'll be filming every 2 or 3 day's.

#Vlogmas 1 is here - a quick update filmed on 05/12/14.

I don't want to call these videos Vlogmas Day 2 etc because it's misleading.

I wanted to film a Haul today for Vlogmas 3 but I've lost an important piece of kit. I started looking for it last night to film Vlogmas 2 and then again this morning. 

The photography shop isn't open on a Sunday so I'll go tomorrow and hopefully be able to replace it, I hope they have it in stock so it doesn't delay further Vlogmas videos. Fortunately, it's not an expensive piece of kit but important because I need it to put my camera into it and screw the fitting into the universal tripod mount. I'll update you about Vlogmas 3 tomorrow.

My New Year's Resolution

1) take more care with my possession's

I've created a bigger box to put my filming stuff into it which includes room for my Tripod and I'll put everything into the box once used so I know where everything is for next time.

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