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Kotex : Overnight Ultrathin Pads

Updated: 20th January 2015


Let's face it, menstruation aka period's are inconvenient most of the time because we have made plan's month's earlier to go on Summer holiday and enjoy swimming, beaches etc. 

Unfortunately, we sometimes can't avoid it and some may think I'm being TMI but I recently found my holy grail pad! Yes, you read that right. After lengthy testing for a couple of month's I want to share with you why I like this product enough to write about it. This post isn't Sponsored.

Firstly, a little bit about me. I started my period as a 14 year old, a lot of my friend's got them at 12 or 13 so I was a late bloomer. I still remember my first one like it was yesterday. My Mum was in hospital and my Dad was taking care of me. In the middle of the night I had to wake my Dad to find where my Mum kept her pad's. I was embarrassed but he was great (a lot better than I thought).

At breakfast I was a still little embarrassed to see my Dad since the middle-of-the-night but he carried on like nothing happened but then I overhead him telling my Mum on the phone and she was upset she wasn't home for my first time but Dad said I seemed to know what to do and when Mum was better he said she could take me shopping for my first packet of pad's. I'd already had the shopping trip with Mum to buy my first bra about a year earlier. I think about it now and laugh but as a 14 year old I wanted the ground to swallow me up, rather than my Dad know I was on my period. 

If you'd like to know more about what happen's to your body during your period click here. I'm not claiming to be an expert on Women's Health but I know sometime's period's can arrive unexpectedly and I was never one to get mine on a certain day of the month (until I was on the pill). This month my period was 5 day's late and I'm not on the pill now plus there's no reason to panic. Different thing's affect our bodyclock's; like stress, lack of sleep, diet etc. I suffer from Dysmenorrhea (painful period cramp's). I also have PCOS and Endometriosis which are a likely cause of dysmenorrhea. I've had painful cramp's since my teen's and there's no sign of them easing. Most notably my back aches, I sometimes get very strong ovary pain and double-over in agony and the first few day's I get a headache plus the bloating. No over the counter anti-cramp pill help's me so I take an Ibuprofen and when it's really painful I take a Mersyndol, which I keep around because I do also suffer from the occasional Migraine. Some month's I have less pain than other's. This month hasn't been too bad.

From my early 20's to late 20's I suffered from Amenorrhoea which basically mean's long-term irregular period's. The longest time I didn't have a period was 4 year's (I was no longer the pill and wanted to get pregnant) at the time there wasn't any talk of PCOS and Endometriosis and I felt the problem was more severe than an absent period but several doctor's I saw were just GP's and said my lack of period was probably my body adjusting to coming off the pill, or work stress and to relax because it'll come back when it want's - it didn't. I finally got a referral to see a Gynaecologist and I had to take awful hormone medication to kickstart my period's and it didn't work right away, it took over 3 month's. I still get them (when they want to come) but at least it's every month.

After trying so many other brand's and being constantly let down by other product's eg. the pad moved in my sleep or it just didn't give me the right protection, it didn't feel right, it didn't have wing's or dryness built-in etc. there's so many thing's I didn't like and past pad's have let me down, thankfully not in public. 
What I like about the Kotex Overnight Ultrathins

Kotex Ultrathins are ultrathin and absorbent. I bought the 10 Overnight Ultrathin pad's pack. I also used them during the day and found they gave me a very high level of protection during a busy day. Kotex Ultrathins have micro<MAX TECHNOLOGY (whatever that is), a rapid-dry core to keep you dry and comfortable, the 3D rapid-dry core draw's moisture away for instant dryness, grooves channel the moisture into the centre of the pad, they also have secure wing's to keep the pad in place, it's soft and super thin and it has extra width and length for added protection. 

I'm so happy with this particular one I see no reason to try other's. Tampon's and I just don't get along (never have, never will). I thought because these pad's work's so well for me I'd tell you about them so you can try them and see if they work for you! I don't normally post about women's hygiene product's but I thought if it help's at least one other lady out there whose struggling to feel comfortable wearing a pad it's definitely worth it! I'd also like to see more beauty blogger's share their preferred brand's of product's especially feminine wash product's. 

On my blog (April 2013) I reviewed a bottle of feminine wash by Summer's Eve, you can read about it here. On the video I received a lot of comment's saying thankyou for showing and talking about this because I'll give it a try but I also received nasty comment's that it wasn't related to beauty, it was TMI. Why can't we review feminine hygiene's product without criticism?

Why don't we as beauty blogger's talk more about feminine hygiene product's? I just don't get why other's don't address it, yes it's a bit awkward but it's part of life. I'll probably post another one or two feminine hygiene product post's this year because there's a couple of other thing's I want to try, another feminine wash and scented bag's. I'll definitely write about them and let you know if I think the product was worth trying etc.

Thanks for sticking with me on this longer than I thought post. I hope there are some of you out there that are willing to give Kotex Ultrathins a try and it'd be nice to hear from you, if you did or didn't like them and if you want to be discreet, please ask me and I'll  give you my email address.

20th January 2015

I reached out to Kotex a few day's ago to ask them how my reader's could request a free sample and they responded today giving me a FREE SAMPLE link. Click there and enter your address and they'll send you a sample in the post. This is only for New Zealand resident's.

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