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Wardrobe/Closet Storage Solution

This is my first post of 2015 and I hope you had a lovely Christmas and a nice start to the New Year! Christmas was a quiet one for me at my parent's from Christmas Eve and then back home on Boxing Day. I've had lot's of time to do job's I'd been putting off around my flat for the past few month's.

If you watched What I Got For Christmas I showed this storage solution and I finally got around to taking it out of the packaging, fold the clean clothes waiting to be put away from the washing line etc. I folded it all into piles and then placed them onto the shelves as best I could. Some item's are bulky.
I needed something simple to tackle my lack of storage as well as something affordable. When I saw these in the store I wasn't too keen on this becoming a long-term solution but for now and not having had anywhere to store my clothes and towel's etc I figured it was a start so I picked up two of these, which were reduced from $24.99 each to $17.50 each. I'm thinking of buying another one to store my sheet's, duvet's and a few more towel's etc.

The dimensions are 30cm x 30cm x 100cm and it's 100% unbleached canvas and the blurb on the back of the product says unbleached canvas storage accessories and bag's are the best choice for storing your clothes, especially those made of leather, fur, or natural fibres because canvas breathes.

What I like about this organizer when I picked it up in the store is it hang's over your existing wardrobe rail so you don't need any DIY skill's or tool's to fix it inside your wardrobe, it's a simple velcro system plus the shelving is heavy duty canvas, it's breathable, dust resistant and repels insect's.
Here's what I put into the two I've placed inside my wardrobe. Towel's, hand towel's, a beach towel and bath mat's. On the right hand side bra's, undies, more undies, tank top's and nighties. Not having a laundry cupboard or room in my bathroom to put even a small cupboard for towel's these were, until now, stored in a big plastic tub in my spare room, this system is a lot easier for me because I go into my wardrobe to choose clothes to wear before I go to the bathroom and shower. I could've made it a little bit neater but some of the towel's are big one's and all the shelves are the same depth.

Now that I've got this sorted I can move onto other job's I've been putting off like starting a DIY project on a second hand bookcase which I'm going to paint white look for a proper cupboard to store a few other thing's, now that we're almost back to regular store hour's etc I'm sure I'll have these thing's sorted in the next week or two. Then the next thing to tackle is creating a permanent filming setup and decorate my spare room/office and buying a few more pieces of furniture.

I had no furniture before I moved into this unfurnished flat apart from plastic storage bin's, a mirror, a clock, a few kitchen thing's and a new queen bed and mattress I bought a few week's before moving from the housesitting apartment. When your not expecting to fully furnish a new place, it can be quite stressful so I had to go with loaned item's and second hand furniture. I plan on giving the loaned item's back soon and replacing those thing's with second hand item's I can buy cheaply and I'll sand and paint them to make them look nice. I like modern but I also antique, vintage and chabby chic.

You can buy it in-store or online from Briscoes here (NZ only) & it's still $17.49 each!

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