Friday, 31 October 2014

Ace Your Base

Today, I have Chi Chi Cosmetics Glamourous Bases palette which I bought at Farmers. I bought this palette because a) I didn't have a completely neutral palette b) I hadn't bought any Chi Chi product's before and c) Chi Chi makeup was on-sale so it'd be rude to say no.

There are 8 other palette's in this design called: Nudes, Oasis, Rich Gems, Sultry, Classic, Bronzes and Brights. It's too to thick, not too long and it's travel friendly. Click here to see them.

What I like about this palette is you can use these as a base or they're perfect for everyday use on their own for a simple look, or use a few shade's to create a neutral eye. The darker shade's could definitely be used to create a Smokey Eye so there's a lot of different look's in this palette.

I've been using mainly the first seven shades for a Pink Champagne look and I've been using shade's 7, 8, 9 and 10 with a light application of shade 10 in my crease for Champagne look. I've used even shade 11 and 12 in the crease. I haven't created a smokey eye look yet but I think these are in my comfort zone. I don't go bold because I have small eye's. All these shade's make my eye's pop. I have Heterochromia eye's (my left eye is a blue with a splash of brown and my right eye is blue). 

This palette makes my eye's pop, seem a deeper shade of blue and also would be great for brown eyes or hazel eyes. I like the quality of the palette so I've been reaching for it a lot recently. I'm so in love with this palette I'd really like to try another palette from Chi Chi as well as a lipstick and blush.
For the price and the quality, the amount of shades you get and the pigmentation, it's fantastic. Some of the pale shades I prefer as brow bone highlight but I also use them as a base under other shade's. You really can't go wrong with this palette. It's wide range of shade's have impressed me. This palette cost's under NZ$30 and you'll receive some change. Even though I'm using it a lot, it's going to take a very long time for me to hit pan on this palette because there's a decent amount of product included.

Chi Chi Cosmetics are an Australian brand. They're Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free!

Chi Chi ship Worldwide - more information here.

Are you a fan of Chi Chi Cosmetics? 

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Blog Reader Tag

One of my fave UK blogger's named Fee created this tag to try to get feedback on her blog, she didn't tag me but mentioned other blogger's were welcome to do the tag so here goes.

I've never done a blog tag before!

Here's the question's:

1.What are your favourite type of blog posts to read on my blog?

2. What epitomises a good beauty blog to you?

3. How often do you read blogs in general and at what time of day?

4. How do you keep up with new posts from the blogs you love (Bloglovin', email updates, GFC, tweets from the blogger)?

5. What is your blogger pet peeve?

6. What would you love to see more of on my blog?

7. Name a few of your favourite blogs

- See more at: BalmainBeauty

Please comment below and tweet me once you've posted your comment so I can read them.

Link's to Fee's Blog Reader Tag (above) as well as a link to her blog called Makeup Savvy.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Australis Cosmetics : Mix It Foundation

Update: 15/10/14 I contacted the NZ Distributor today and the nice lady there told me this product is being released here around the end of November for RRP NZ$18.90 approximately.

At the moment you can buy Mix It at Priceline for AU$10 until 22/10/14 here, along with other great Australis product's.

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know how much I post about an Australian brand called Australis. I grew up with this brand which started over 25 year's ago!
Australis have a new foundation called Mix It and it comes in 6 shades: Nude, Beige, Nude Natural Beige, Natural Fawn, Natural Tan and Golden Tan. This foundation is Vegan Friendly and contain's SPF 25 as well as yellow pigments for concealing dark circles, mauve pigments for a more radiant appearance and green pigments to achieve and even skin complexion. In Australia RRP $15.95 each.

The Mix It is a lightweight formula is water based, soft-focusing and neutralises redness for an even skin complexion. Antioxidants and vitamin rich based pomegranate help's protect and care the skin from aging. Liquorice root extract help's to clear acne and argon oil to hydrate the skin.

In Australia you can buy Australis from Priceline, Kmart etc. and the Australis shop here.

This is a completely new product and not yet released in NZ so I don't have one to swatch. I also don't have a Launch date or the NZ RRP so I'll update you once I have more information.


This post isn't Sponsored by Australis Cosmetics. All opinion's are 100% honest and are my own word's, the foundation photograph is from Australis Cosmetics website. I don't own the Copyright.

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Friday, 10 October 2014

W7 : The Naked Nudes Palette

If like me you don't have a Naked palette for various reason's eg. price, it's not cruelty free, or it's too expensive, this W7 eyeshadow quad is something you might be interested in.

I usually buy palettes with nude and wearable shades but this is my first totally nude quad.

My YouTuber friend Jenny from Beauty by Jenny posted the W7 Naked Nudes palette on her instagram and after she told me where she bought it and the price I decided to buy one too. It's super affordable and I like the convenient size (I've not tried the shadow's yet because I wanted the palette to be fresh for blog photo's) but now I can use them, let me know if you'd like a Swatch post.

W7 are a UK affordable beauty brand and they're Cruelty Free. You can find some W7 makeup in Postie stores and exclusively at Chemist Warehouse in Australia (Chemist Warehouse now ship's product's to New Zealand)! Hopefully, more W7 product's will be released in the future.

The only other W7 product I have is a super amazing Mascara which I length's (my rubbish) lashes. I think it was included in one of my last Goodieboxes so I'll review it soon, by coincidence the W7 mascara was mentioned in my August 2014 Favourites and you can watch them here.

If your interested in buying this palette I bought mine from Amazon UK for £3.21 (approx NZ$7 + postage) and shipped it to my UK YouShop address. If your interested to find out more about YouShop and you live in NZ, please click here.

Have you tried any W7 product's?
Please comment below!

W7 Cosmetics are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

You might also like my Zoeva Luxury Rose Golden Brush Set post here.

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