Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Australis Cosmetics : Mix It Foundation

Update: 15/10/14 I contacted the NZ Distributor today and the nice lady there told me this product is being released here around the end of November for RRP NZ$18.90 approximately.

At the moment you can buy Mix It at Priceline for AU$10 until 22/10/14 here, along with other great Australis product's.

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know how much I post about an Australian brand called Australis. I grew up with this brand which started over 25 year's ago!
Australis have a new foundation called Mix It and it comes in 6 shades: Nude, Beige, Nude Natural Beige, Natural Fawn, Natural Tan and Golden Tan. This foundation is Vegan Friendly and contain's SPF 25 as well as yellow pigments for concealing dark circles, mauve pigments for a more radiant appearance and green pigments to achieve and even skin complexion. In Australia RRP $15.95 each.

The Mix It is a lightweight formula is water based, soft-focusing and neutralises redness for an even skin complexion. Antioxidants and vitamin rich based pomegranate help's protect and care the skin from aging. Liquorice root extract help's to clear acne and argon oil to hydrate the skin.

In Australia you can buy Australis from Priceline, Kmart etc. and the Australis shop here.

This is a completely new product and not yet released in NZ so I don't have one to swatch. I also don't have a Launch date or the NZ RRP so I'll update you once I have more information.


This post isn't Sponsored by Australis Cosmetics. All opinion's are 100% honest and are my own word's, the foundation photograph is from Australis Cosmetics website. I don't own the Copyright.

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Friday, 10 October 2014

W7 : The Naked Nudes Palette

If like me you don't have a Naked palette for various reason's eg. price, it's not cruelty free, or it's too expensive, this W7 eyeshadow quad is something you might be interested in.

I usually buy palettes with nude and wearable shades but this is my first totally nude quad.

My YouTuber friend Jenny from Beauty by Jenny posted the W7 Naked Nudes palette on her instagram and after she told me where she bought it and the price I decided to buy one too. It's super affordable and I like the convenient size (I've not tried the shadow's yet because I wanted the palette to be fresh for blog photo's) but now I can use them, let me know if you'd like a Swatch post.

W7 are a UK affordable beauty brand and they're Cruelty Free. You can find some W7 makeup in Postie stores and exclusively at Chemist Warehouse in Australia (Chemist Warehouse now ship's product's to New Zealand)! Hopefully, more W7 product's will be released in the future.

The only other W7 product I have is a super amazing Mascara which I length's (my rubbish) lashes. I think it was included in one of my last Goodieboxes so I'll review it soon, by coincidence the W7 mascara was mentioned in my August 2014 Favourites and you can watch them here.

If your interested in buying this palette I bought mine from Amazon UK for £3.21 (approx NZ$7 + postage) and shipped it to my UK YouShop address. If your interested to find out more about YouShop and you live in NZ, please click here.

Have you tried any W7 product's?
Please comment below!

W7 Cosmetics are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

You might also like my Zoeva Luxury Rose Golden Brush Set post here.

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This post isn't Sponsored by W7, Postie, Amazon, YouShop or the Chemist Warehouse. I bought this eyeshadow palette with my own money. All opinion's are 100% honest and are my own word's and the above photograph's are my own.

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

September Favourites 2014

It's favourites time (anytime before the 15th of the next month) is my goal - not alway's possible.

I'm trying to get back into blogging. Unfortunately, I don't have time to prepare, film, edit and upload a video right now, which I usually do with my Faves so I thought I'd change-it-up and write a post about them for September. Hopefully, next month I'll make a faves video, or maybe I'll alternate a post one month and the next month will be a video. I'll be sure to let you know what's happening.

In September, I was super busy, many thing's were neglected eg: my blog, youtube and having free time. I was packing and moving (I moved 3 time's in 1 week) which I don't recommend! I was then re-packing for Sydney and left on 17th September.

On with my faves:

I pretty much stuck to one set of makeup brushes, the Zoeva Luxury Rose Golden Set - read about them here.

I took four eye palettes with me to Sydney and I only ended up using the Australis Cosmetics Nudist 2.0 palette - read about it here (it's now one of my fave Australis product's!).

I didn't take any nail polish because my intention was to buy a couple over there so I ended up buying my first Essence nail polish in (109) Off to Miami and an Essence XXXL Shine Gel-Look Top Coat. I'm wearing the shade Miami on my toes with the gel look topcoat. I applied it on the 23rd September and I'm still wearing it today, it still looks gel like and it hasn't chipped so I definitely recommend both this shade of polish by Essence and the Gel Look Top Coat. I'm pretty annoyed with myself for not buying two or three more of the Essence polishes. Here's a photo of the polish from my Instagram feed which I hauled from Priceline both of these cost under AU$4 each. I think Miami was AU$2.95.

I also read the Gone Girl book. From start to end I read it in 3 day's, which is highly unusual (I think the last book I read that quickly was Twilight) a few year's ago.  I thought the story was a little slow at first, then it picked up and I didn't want to put it down. I still haven't watch the movie but it's definitely going to happen soon. You can read my post about Gone Girl here.

I can't bear to throw my Marc Jacobs Eau So Daisy out because of the money I spent on it (it's not cruelty free) but I took it on holiday so I'd use it up. I wore it everyday. I like this scent but I'll be looking for cruelty free perfume in the future, is such a thing? - read about it here.

One of my other favourite's in September was being able to go to Starbucks, yes you read that correctly. Unfortunately, I live in a town with no Starbucks - some would say that's lucky or think of the money you'll save but I'm a big city girl living in a small town and thing's like this are one of the first thing's I feel I must do when I get to a place I know that has a Starbucks.

If you've ever lived in a big city and then moved to a country town or small town you might understand my excitement in being able to go to these places or maybe it's just me. FYI my fave drink at Starbucks is a Caramel Macchiato (hot) and a (cold) Caramel Frappucino "coffee based" drink. I've tried other's but these are my faves so these are treat's when I can get them.

Another favourite was a Mexican food takeaway I discovered at Westfield Sydney called Guzman Y Gomez so I tried a Beef Nachos and liked it so much I went back the next night for the Beef Nachos and then whilst out for coffee with an old work friend a couple of day's later I discovered there was one in the MLC centre so I bought one for lunch. It was delicious and not too expensive. Another fave was being able to eat out every night. I had my share of McDonald's, Hungry Jacks (Burger King), GYG, food in the Woollies restaurant at Town Hall and over in Darling Harbour - no fancy restaurant mean's but definitely yummy lunches and dinner's.

I'm planning on either posting a photo post of various thing's I did and photographed in Sydney but I also will make a video about it in a few week's. If you wanted to see some photos I've uploaded them on my Instagram (link above). I've also posted two vlog's whilst in Sydney. I have more vlog's to upload over the coming week or so. Vlog 1 is here and Vlog 2 is here.

Vlogging was definitely something I enjoyed last month. I need a little bit more confidence to do it in public more often and finally my last favourite of September was being able to get to meet a few Australian beauty youtuber's (I don't like the term beauty guru) I got to meet Rosie from RBFBeauty, Sandy from EyesForMakeup, Rachael from Rachael Jade Annear, Jodi from Gooroo Beauty and Lilian from Lilian Tahmasian and her Mum as well as two girl's I didn't know about and have since subscribed to their channel's - Sarah from SarahBeautyX and Tina from Penumbra Doll. To all I met thankyou, you are all down to earth, really sweet and friendly, thanks for taking a photo with me. I don't think I've left anyone out but if I have feel free to post your link below so I can subscribe, if I haven't already.

I really wanted to meet Karissa from SaturdayNightsAlrite but I didn't know she had a Meetup at IMATS. If I'd been on twitter I probably would've been alerted to it in time to make it and I'm also sad I didn't get to meet MakeupMagic88, Madina from LimBilan and Nina from MissNinaSea.

I also met one of my a Subscriber's named Shay. Shay recognised me at IMATS so I was chuffed to bit's to meet her, she's super nice and we also took a photo together and chatted. Rosie and I tried to talk Shay into making videos. Follow Shay on Instagram here.

I didn't meet as many youtuber's as I'd hoped because they simply weren't there, or I was in the wrong place, or maybe they were only going to the event on Sunday. I had a 2 day ticket but I decided Saturday was enough. I'm planning to write a post on my first IMATS Experience soon.

Thanks for sticking with this post and have a great day!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set

As a beauty blogger I'm set for makeup brushes. I have 4 full set's of brushes on rotation. I mainly use two Purple Power set's by *Furless (an Australian Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free makeup and brush company). I like support Australian brand's. My Furless post is here (from my old blog) and also a synthetic 4 piece Face set by XO Beauty is mentioned here.

This Zoeva set caught my eye (I'm like a Magpie for anything Rose Gold) when EssieButton mentioned this set in one of her videos (a few month's ago) so I investigated Zoeva further to make sure this set fit in with my preference using synthetic and cruelty free brushes only.

Zoeva are a German company who also make cruelty free makeup. I like rose gold detail's, how many brushes you get in the set, as well as the brush holder clutch style bag. I decided to splurge on a set so I could retire older one-off brushes from ELF etc. and give my Furless PP set's a bit of a rest.

The Rose Golden Luxury Set consist's of 8 synthetic makeup brushes, they come in a cute clutch style bag detailed with Rose Gold zip as well as an outer draw string dust bag which is also nice.
The Rose Golden set cost's EUR65.00 + shipping (shipping Internationally) EUR65 is approximately NZ$102 so not too pricey. I think for the amount of brushes you get it's worth investing in quality brushes that will last - as long as you look after them. I took this set to Sydney with me and I used them everyday and it was my first time using them.

My favourite's are the two eyeshadow brushes (eyeshadow application and a blending brush) and I used for foundation and blush and liked the density and quality of the brushes I used. I haven't used all of them yet namely the angled eye brush and the tapered eyeshadow brush.
 Eye brushes (above)
Blending, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner and tapered Eyeshadow brushes
Zoeva Face brushes
Foundation, Blush/Powder Brush, Concealer and Angled Brush

The Face brushes I used were the Foundation and Blush/Power Brushes. I thought more of the Blush/Powder brush than the Foundation brush (I was using Lioele BB cream) and it took a while to blend, but I think it was because of the product and not the brush so I'll next use the foundation brush with a liquid foundation next to see if I like the result's of the foundation brush next time. I don't contour often but now it's Spring I'll be using the angled brush with my NYC Sunny Bronzer and see how it goes and I also have a couple of other bronzer's I want to start using.

I definitely recommend this Zoeva set but if your looking for synthetic and cruelty free makeup brushes closer to home (Australia and New Zealand) that are great quality and affordable, then I recommend Furless and I've included a link above.

I'm not sure I'd splash my cash on Zoeva cruelty free makeup but if I do I'll let you know.

In the past I've tried animal (goat hair) and [for me] I thought they picked up too much product. I find synthetic brushes give me precision and pick up just the right amount of product without having to tap too much product away, which if you think about it is a waste of product.

Which brand of brushes do you use, do you have a full set of brushes by the same brand, or do you use single brushes from different brand's? Do you prefer synthetic or animal hair brushes? 

This post isn't Sponsored. I bought the Zoeva brushes with my own money. All opinion's are 100% honest and are in my own word's and photograph's.

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* (above) contain's my Affiliate Link to Furless.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Gone Girl

If you haven't read the book or you don't want to know anything about the story, please don't read any further. I've tried not to give too much away but there's a small spoiler below!

For the past few month's this book has been popping up all over the place. I'm the type of person who won't necessarily read a book because it's hyped but in this case I couldn't escape the constant talk about it so after much tooing and froing I decided whilst on holiday in Sydney to buy a copy for a holiday read. It cost AU$19.95 at Dymocks on George Street (NZ price is $27.99) AU$25.00.

I tend not to buy book's I haven't researched for a while because book's are super expensive in New Zealand. I very rarely buy them here. I tend to weigh up the cost of the book on Amazon or Booktopia and factor in shipping and I usually find the book a lot cheaper than NZ retail price.

Firstly, after I researched the plot I found out the story was about a husband and wife, the wife goes missing and the husband is suspect no. 1 in her disappearance and the town think's he's killed her. I don't like murder mystery's so I wasn't sure if I wanted to read something gruesome and as for "SPOILER" him cheating on his wife before she disappear's, I've experienced cheating first hand so I'm not okay with Adultery but I heard there were many plot twist's so I finally decided to get the book and read it. At first it's very slow, I almost put it down quite a few times and thought I'll save this for the plane ride home but after a few chapter's in it started to draw me in.

During my flight I didn't end up reading any of the book because the Fault In Our Star's was on the in-flight entertainment system with Qantas and I didn't get to see that at the cinema. I decided once I arrived in Auckland to start reading the book the next morning and I pretty much read the book last weekend and then finished it on my way home (a 6 hour coach ride). I wasn't a fan of the ending to be honest but seeing as there's no sequel I guess it had to end and given the outcome of Amy's disappearance I guess the ending was not what I was expecting and I'm at a loss to think of a better ending. The start is slow and the ending isn't something I expected. I also thought during her disappearance that the husband had killed her and I was trying to work out how he'd done it.

I also found out last week at the time of buying the book, the movie was coming out soon so I wanted to finish reading the book in time to see the movie. I don't alway's do that but sometimes I find I like reading the book to compare what's contained in the book to the movie.

I'd definitely recommend reading the book, if like me your not sure if it's worth it I think you'll enjoy it. I enjoyed the book so much I'm really looking forward to watching the film tomorrow. I think (although I've not read many book's this year) this is my favourite book read so far of 2014 and it'll be interesting to see if anything else I read this year can top this one! I'm planning on a small book haul in the next week or so so you'll see my movie tin-in copy of this book in that haul. I'm seriously considering reading another Gillian Flynn novel called Sharp Objects very soon too which was recommended by a friend but I've not researched the plot yet.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn star's Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne and Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne. It's in cinema's in Australia and New Zealand (October 2014). I wouldn't be surprised if it turn's out there's a sequel movie (there isn't a sequel book at the moment).


I'm not a professional writer. I don't claim to be a professional writer nor do I want to write professional book review's, these are just my thought's and wor'ds about the book. I've tried not to contain spoiler's because I don't want to ruin the story.

If you'd like me to post a more detailed review, please let me know because I'd like to talk about it more (not a chapter by chapter review) but an overall what I thought about the story review.

Please comment below if you've read the book and let me know if you liked it or why you didn't like it and if you'd like to see the movie or reason's why you don't want to see the movie.

This post isn't Sponsored. I bought the book with my own money. All opinion's are 100% honest and are in my own word's. 

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Friday, 3 October 2014

#BalmainBeautySydneyVlogs: King St. Wharf (Vlog 1)

As promised here's my first #SydneyVlog!

I uploaded this whilst in Sydney (because I found an open Wifi connection) - it's unedited.

My next Vlog will be uploaded shortly and I filmed it when I was on Sydney Harbour.

Before I'm asked, I'm sorry but I didn't Vlog from #IMATS however, I posted pictures here
on my Instagram!

My Sydney Vlog's were filmed on a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Update: September 2014

Dear Friend's,

I'm very sorry my blog is neglected. August and so far in September have been very stressful and busy because I couldn't find a new flat within my price range and preferred area. I needed to move out of the housesitting flat by 10th September as the owner's were coming back. I went through a lot of stress about it and I was looking for the past 6 week's before they were due back. I was just about to consider defeat and have no choice but to move back in with my parent's until the end of September but luckily I found a flat not where I was looking to live, but it'll do and I'm quite liking the space and the new kitchen but its completely unfurnished. All I have is a floor lamp, a bedside table, a queen bed and mattress and a second hand 2 seater lounger and a tv. I don't have a fridge or washing machine so that's been quite difficult.

I'm currently in Auckland and as most of you would know because I've tweeted about it a lot, I'm going to Sydney IMATS this weekend so I'm writing this post to you to explain my absence from blogging and youtube from Auckland International Airport.

As much as I'd like to have kept up with bloggy thing's, the need to find a place to live and furnishing it was a priority and now I'm travelling. I'm planning to do some Vlogging but unfortunately with the little time I have in Sydney (just a week) I won't have time to film, edit and upload until I get back. This is my first holiday since January so I need time in Sydney to enjoy it. I have home broadband connected now (quicker than I wanted to get it connected because I can't do without it) so you can expect to see some little clip's from my Sydney trip at the end of this month or early next month. I just have to finish furnishing my flat and trying to find some paid work because I've not earn't any money in the last 3 week's. My current job is quite a way from where I live so I'm looking for something else closer to home.

I hope you understand why I've not been around, it's not that I haven't wanted to keep in touch but I haven't been buying anything so I couldn't haul and I had to save the money for this trip because I'm paying 7 night's in a hotel in Sydney and 4 night's in Auckland (3 on my way back home) so I've got to be thrifty and it's pretty challenging! I also found out that the Aussie dollar is less than the NZ so I lost quite a bit of money changing currencies.

If you'd like to see picture's from last night in Auckland, please follow my Instagram here. I'll post posting photo's of IMATS and the lovely girl's and guy's I met on my trip this coming week there and once I get back into thing's when I get home at the end of the month I'll be making and probably posting about my trip to Sydney. I'm really excited to meet so many Aussie youtuber's that I subscribe to and those I don't know of yet so if you read this and you see me, please come say Hi.

Hope your all doing well,


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