Wednesday, 24 June 2015

[video] Bethany Mota Collection Haul

I finally picked up the undelivered package from my local Post Office today.

I'm very impressed how everything was packed to keep it safe during transportation!

I'm thinking about buying more of her homeware pieces in a few month's time.

The link's to the item's in the video description, click here to watch it on YouTube.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

For The Love Of Pineapples

I don't think I've ever written a dedicated homewares/decor post so here goes.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you'll notice Pineapples or Owl picture's posted every so often. I'm obsessed by these, along with Rose Gold and Chevron print everything!
I saw them online and went to my tiny little Kmart store, but all they had (before Christmas) was white so I went back again mid-January and they had Jade. I bought one with the idea that if ever the yellow were in the store in the future then I'd get the yellow and now have one in each colour.

Some day's I like they're different colour's but other day's I wish they were both yellow. I'm having a hard time deciding on spraying the jade to yellow or leaving it alone. I don't know how long I can restrain myself.
To continue on the pineapple trend, my lovely friend Mel sent me the red pineapple mailholder (she'd seen a picture I'd posted on Facebook) it was really nice of her and it cheered me up and I love all three of them but I'm starting to think they all need to be in the same colour.

Do you think they're okay 3 different colour's (they sit in the same room), 
or should I spray them to match?

I like affordable homewares and both of the pineapples were NZ$10 each from Kmart NZ. At the moment Kmart have some pretty rose gold pieces, please don't be surprised if I get some of those too. The Kmart pineapple mail holder was A$10 I believe and my friend bought it in Adelaide.

What kind of pattern, or colour theme do you have going on in your loungeroom, study etc?

Friday, 29 May 2015

Rotorua Makeup (Day 2)

Apologies for the break in transmission. I've had a lot going on since the Day 1 post with attending College and a few other bit's and bob's and I knew I didn't have enough time to sit down to write this without distraction's or other thing's that I needed to do.
I'm using the same ELF Blush palette from yesterday's post here.

I'm using a couple of new thing's, the first is Benefit RollerLash Mascara (sample). I've been using this a few week's, it's a sample size that my friend Aaliyah in the UK sent me with the UK Elle magazine edition and I like that it curl's my lashes and gives them length (my lashes grow straight) so it's hard to find a mascara to lengthen and curl so this is my new favourite and I find in the colder month's I need to wear a face primer so I'm giving the Benefit Porefessional Face Primer a try.

I'm wearing the same Australis Eye Primer and Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as Day 1.

Today, I'm wearing the Australis Mix it Foundation. I've tried a lot of Australis foundation's over the year's and of all the one's I've tried I liked the Paparazzi Perfect but I think this one might be better for me, but I want to try it for a bit longer before I give a proper review.

The lipstick I wrote is Kat Von D's Bachelorette (sample) and I absolutely love a bolder lip in the Autumn/Winter, this goes on very smoothly but it can be a bit too bold for me so I lightly apply it with my finger and dab it onto my lip's. I haven't perfected wearing a lip liner (well I ever be able to create a perfect lip line?) so I don't like how but I end up with lipstick above my top lip and with a bold colour like this I'd be checking your face every minute or embarrass myself in public. I like this Kat Von D lipstick so much I'm thinking about buying another winter appropriate shade.

When I was outside in the cold I used a new lipgloss from Becca in Flirtini because it think a gloss helped protect my lip's a bit more than just wearing a lipstick alone and it's a very pretty colour. I've never tried any Becca product's before.

If you have any recommendation's for Becca and/or Kat Von D product's,
please write them down below.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Rotorua: Makeup (Day 1)

I've not posted in a while so I thought whilst I'm in Rotorua for the weekend that I'd get back into it with a two part post on the makeup I'm wearing.

I've bought limited product's with me but these are product's I wore today - minus moisturiser and I forgot to pack a face primer. 

If you have any question's about these product's, please comment below.

I've seriously stepped up my use of #crueltyfree makeup and skincare (with the exception of NARS, who are owned by Shisheido) who aren't cruelty free. I didn't know about that until I'd bought a bunch of NARS stuff so I'll use them up and sadly won't repurchase (unless they change their policy).

1) Australis Cosmetics: Eye Primer

really good drugstore primer. It's easy to use, just use a little bit, it help's my oily eyelid's keep shadow on them a lot longer than without an eye primer. It's affordable too and you can buy it from Farmers and Kmart NZ.

2) Australis Cosmetics: Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder (Natural)

I'm almost out of this. I wear it everyday to set my foundation, it's affordable and I like the look of it on my face plus it help's my makeup to stay in place better than without one. I have 2 backup's!

3) ELF Blush Quad (Light)

Sorry but it's not yet available in NZ. My UK blogger friend Aaliyah sent it to me a few month's ago. I love it. I don't have many ELF product's but this is definitely my pick of the new ELF product's to launch (that I own), I'm sure there are more but I haven't tried anything else recently.

I'll try and keep and eye out on the NZ launch of this one and let you know when you can buy it. I've only used 1 shade so far but all 4 are pigmented so a little goes a long way. 

Sidenote: ELF is available at Kmart NZ and now also at The Warehouse.

4) Collection Cosmetics NZ: Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1

My favourite drugstore concealer. I started using it 5+ year's ago. I forgot how much I loved it. When I heard Collection was launching exclusively at Countdown I bought 2 and this is my second one. I need to go back for more. Trust me when I tell you this Concealer is the Shizz!

5) Furless Cosmetics: Eyeshadow Brush

I just bought one brush from the Purple Power Brushset (all the other's were washed yesterday and they didn't dry in time for me to pack them). I definitely should've washed them day's ago.�� 

Firstly, I like that Furless are Australian and secondly their product's are Vegan and Cruelty Free. Their brushes are super soft, keep their shape, don't shed, clean easily, blend or apply nicely and are affordable. I have 2 purple power brushsets and I swear by the quality. If you'd like to check them out go to:

6) Tarte Cosmetics: Amazonian Clay 
BB Cream

This is a 9ml sample and I wanted to bring it along because I like the coverage and it's travel-friendly. It's gives me good coverage and it's got a slight illuminating quality to it. I definitely need to buy the full size but I'm putting it off until the Spring (it's Winter atm).

7) NARS: Dragon Girl Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

If you've followed me for a while you'll recall I'm not a frequent #redlip girl. This year I'm stepping out of my comfort zone of pink's and peaches and going bolder. 

This is one of 2 NARS lip pencil's I've been wearing lately. I have Taylor Swift's love of a red lip to thank for me deciding to try it. It's so beautiful. The other one I've been wearing is 413 BLKR.

8) NP Set: Pretty Presto Palette

I wanted to bring along a travel-friendly palette. This one cost me $10 a few month's ago. It has 2 eye shadows that are glittery but I'm a magpie for glitter and I liked the shade's plus it also comes with a peach coloured blush (also glittery), a mini mascara and a lipgloss. I like the shadow's and blush and the gloss but I've not yet tried the mascara. This was my first NP Set palette and I love it. I'm definitely going to checkout more of the product's in the future.

If you'd like swatches of anything, please leave a comment and I'll do a swatch post next week (when I'm back at home).

Are you embracing a bold lip this Winter or are you more of a Smokey Eye, Natural Lip Girl? What are your favourite Winter lip shade's and/or eyeshadow's?

Note: This post isn't Sponsored. All product's were bought with my own money and my opinions are 100% honest.


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