Monday, 18 August 2014

The #SELFIE Eyeshadow Palette

There's a lot of department store/drugstore/high street makeup brand's I like and I have a good mix of budget and mid-range product's (sadly there's only one high-end product) in my Collection.

I'm a fan of affordable brand's like Australis Cosmetics, ChiChi and MUA and I was looking on the Makeup Revolution website which I'd only heard about recently (MR is a new UK budget beauty brand) so I was looking for an Everyday / Nude palette [I don't own any of the Naked palettes] and I found this one and I thought it was pretty and the name was fun plus it wouldn't break my budget.

The #Selfie Palette is by I Heart Makeup which I believe is part of Makeup Revolution and it comes with really pretty shades, nice nude shades with glitter and a couple of matte looking one's and there's also some darker colour's for a smokey eye. This palette was the bargain price of £4.99 which is NZ$10 and AU$8.95. The palette comes with 10 shade's and a good size mirror, the packaging is cute.

What I Like about this Palette:

The size of the palette, the mix of nude's and dark shadow's and the cute shade name's.

From left to right:

Check Us In, Me, Me, Me!, #Chockfix, Goldigga, #Awks, #LOVE, Share This, #Trashy, #Club and How Many Likes?

I haven't used this palette yet because I want it to be perfect for blog photo's so I'll be swatching this palette separately and I'm thinking I'm going to make a video about it very soon. Once I've had a bit of a play with some of the shades, I'll let you know what I think of it. I'm leaning toward's the everyday shade's of which there are 7 or 8 #Trashy (Grey), #Club (Dark Grey/Light Black) and How Many Likes? (dark copper) are the 3 darker shades so I'd probably wear those for a night-time look.

The neatness of this palette is it has a different coloured #Selfie lid depending on when it's open and the lighting, it's holographic. I've tried to capture the lid in photo's so I hope you can see what I'm talking about. This palette will sit nicely in a small to medium bag (I've recently downsized my handbag for practicality) I found my bigger bag's require more content's inside them to keep their shape.

The palette also comes with a Free Eye Shadow Primer in 3ml or 5ml. It's in a nude shade so I'm definitely going to use it underneath these shadow's. I have to wear an eye primer or my shadow's wear off, fade and look patchy so I'm hoping this one prolong's the shadow wear.

Let me know if you'd like a post on affordable drugstore/high street Eye Primer's because I've tried quite a few and have a couple of favourites and there's also been some fail's.

Although I haven't started using the palette yet, I'm looking forward to doing so. I'll be taking it with me to Sydney because I like the shade's and it's perfect for traveling. I'm going to include it a New Palettes video along with the It's Judy Time palette from BH Cosmetics and my Narcissist palette from NARS (my first NARS product), look out for that video soon.

Just a head's up that September's going to be a very busy month for me. Early next month I'm moving out of the housesitting flat (as I write this today I still don't know where I'm moving yet but I'll update you soon. I don't think it's going to be too far from where I am now). I have to find a new place to live, as well as work at my paying job and then pack and move and unpack - then I'm flying to Sydney for my first #IMATS

In Sydney I'll post as often as I can when I'm not outside enjoying the weather and the sight's (I'll probably post after dinner or early morning) and I'll also be vlogging, however vlog's probably won't be posted on my vlog channel until I return home, unless they're quick videos because the purpose of this trip is a holiday and I don't want to spend a huge chunk of time in my hotel editing videos and uploading them and spending lot's of money on using the Internet. 

If you'd like to see pictures I'm taking along the way in Sydney, especially at IMATS, please follow me on Instagram here. I'm really looking forward to my trip and meeting a lot of the beauty girl's that I subscribe to and hopefully pick up some ideas for future videos and maybe I'll be lucky enough to find someone willing to make a collaboration video or two with me and help me film some  OOTD's.

I've got a few more post's coming up but at the end of the month it'll be less frequent, please bear with me and you if you like you can catchup with me on my Facebook page or Twitter.

Let me know if you have this palette and if you've created some post's on the different look's you've achieved, or if you've created a Tutorial with this palette on your YouTube channel.

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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Australis: Curve Ink Liquid Eyeliner

I've been meaning to review this eyeliner for a while. I don't wear eyeliner everyday because I'm crap at it. I've tried using tape to help me get the flick/cat eye and I haven't been able to master it and I can't do it freehand so I pretty much just use eyeliner at the base of my top lashes to create the illusion I have thicker lashes, sometimes it work's and sometime's it doesn't and that's not the fault of the product, it's down to me needing to practise. I don't claim to be a makeup expert or Artist.
This product was released I'm going to say in early 2013. I remember the first one I bought (not this one) and it was only available as a Gift With Purchase so I bought my first one in May 2013 when I was in Auckland and shopping with Lizzy from My Foxy Corner. It took me a couple of week's but I started using it. I didn't feel confident enough that it looked any good to wear it in public for a few more week's but then I just stopped worrying about it and no-one ever said that it looked bad so I think that's a good sign or maybe they felt sorry for me and didn't want to embarrass me.

I recently went through my makeup and knew the first curve eyeliner was over a year old and was time to throw away (you should replace eyeliner and mascara every 3 month's). I tend to not want to throw them away, even if I'm not using it because I'm a bit of a hoarder in makeup and  thing's in general but recently I bought a new Makeup Storage Container and so I knew it was time to throw it out and you'll see the old one in my next empties video along with some other expired product's (it was really hard for me to part with them). Click here for the Makeup Storage video.

What I like about this curved eyeliner compared to a pencil version, is that it's liquid, the tip is soft, not too pointy and has a nice curve to the handle as you can see, it fit's in your hand and I find it really easy to handle and apply. It work's well in my right hand but when I try to use it in my left hand I'm not that great with it, again no fault of the product but I can't do my left eye with the eyeliner in my right hand and I'm also pretty crap at painting my right fingernail's. I have a lack of co-ordination. I'd normally go with a brown eyeliner, it's not as harsh but I think this only comes in black. I'd definitely think about buying one if they released it in Blue as well as Brown *hint* *hint*

I really think if you like liquid eyeliner and can get yourself one of these you'll probably like it. I've never tried a gel formula eyeliner but I don't get along with pencil so this eyeliner does a much better job than anything else I've tried in the past so I'm hoping to pick up a couple when I'm in Sydney in September. I'm sorry I can't show it in more detail to you but my eye's are still not okay from a recent eye test at the Opticians and my lash line is may be suffering from an early onset of Hey Fever.

Here's a video from the Australis YouTube channel on the Curve Ink Liquid Eyeliner.

I'm pretty sure the second one I bought (the one above) was something like $17.50 from Kmart NZ and it's slightly a bit more expensive from Farmers it's AU$14.95 so I hope I can get a couple at Priceline. I'll definitely be getting at least one more of these in the next 3 months to replace this one.

If you have a lot of makeup and have setup a system on how you keep track of when you purchased a product, when you first used it and/or when you last used it and how long the product is good for, please let me know how you keep track of your product's. I'm currently using a Notebook but sometimes I forget to write thing's down or I misplace the Notebook. I'm looking for a better system.

Have you tried the Australis Curved Ink Liquid Eyeliner yet? 

Australis are on Social Media:


This post isn't Sponsored post by Australis Cosmetics. I bought the Eyeliner with my own money. All opinion's are 100% honest and are my own word's and the above photograph's are my own. 

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mimco : iPad Case / Clutch Bag

A while ago I heard quite a bit of chatter on Twitter about the Sale at Mimco and having wanted to buy a Mimco piece for a while, I decided to see what was included in the sale. This iPad case is still on-sale for $49 here. There are other colour's in the sale (with zipper's) but only this one is $49!

I discovered a lot of fashion blogger's had bought the Patent Black iPad case because it was the perfect size for a medium clutch so I ended up snapping one up for $49 because it was $149 originally. I wish I had bought two, one for a clutch and one for my iPad but I didn't think of that at the time.
I'm happy to say the online order's come with a dustcover.
I like the hardware on this piece which is a Rose Gold logo and a Rose Gold zipper.
And the iPad case/Clutch is also fully lined.

I'm a big fan of patent, what can I say I like glossy thing's so this is perfect for me.

In September I'll be popping along to a Sydney store for a bit of browsing and also I have an upcoming long weekend in Auckland after Sydney so hopefully I'll find time to do a bit of bargain shopping.

Do you own any Mimco pieces?

Mimco are an Australian brand and they were founded by Amanda Briskin in Melbourne 
in 1996. The name Mim comes from Amanda's childhood nicknameand she added Co so 
the brand became MIMCO.

Mimco design bag's, jewellery, wallets, shoes and accessories which include watches.

I'm thinking my next purchase is probably going to be a Watch.

I also bought a piece of Mimco jewellery when I purchased the iPad case but I'll post about it separately, it too was also on-sale.

Follow Mimco on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and their online store is here.


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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Viva La Juicy : Juicy Couture

As a regular reader, you might recall I prefer floral and fruity scent's than musky/woody scent's (having said I'm obsessed with Bath& Bodywork's Mahogany Teakwood), a teakwood musky/woody scent. To me it's a masculine scent but I know a lot of girl's who love it!

VLJ has been on my Wishlist for age's but I've got a lot of other perfume's I want to use up. When I go into a store and it's on the shelf I'll spritz it on myself. I think the packaging of the bottled perfume is cute and the scent last's on my skin longer than most perfumes I've tried. I've almost caved into buying it a few times but resisted. I'll buy it before Christmas or wait to see if it comes out in a giftset (highly unlikely) because this perfume was launched in 2008 and I think I've wanted it since 2009.

I received this vial in a beauty box subscription.
 I normally don't like sample's of perfume's in subscription boxes but I was happy to see this one and it's been in my purse a while. I was changing handbag's on Tuesday so I've recently started wearing it again. It's a small 1.5ml vial so it's not going to last much longer. What I like about this sample is the cute small size and of course the scent and that it's a spray. I prefer a spray vial's over the dab one's. I tend to use more than I need with spray but I'd rather do that than not use it at all because it's broken in my purse or I haven't worn it and it goes off. 

The scent of VLJ is a little bit sweet but that's not a deal breaker for me. I realise perfume's change depending on your body chemistry but it's sweet, floral and has a bit of dark woody/sandly/musky dry down to it on my skin. I would go as far to say when it dries down it almost smell's like men's aftershave on me and that's not a problem. I quite like a lot of men's aftershave/fragrances. 

Unfortunately because it's a sample it doesn't really give you information on what's in the scent but I've done a bit of online research to give you an idea (just in case you haven't tried it/smelt it yet).

Fragrancex describes it as:

a gourmand/fruity/floral fragrance and just the scent for trendy women. Top notes of wild berries and juicy mandarin meet a floral heart of honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine, whilst the base notes are yummy gourmand notes of amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and pralines.

I definitely recommend you give it a whiff, it's pretty easy to find in most department stores, chemist's etc. It's pricey in New Zealand but I think I'll check out Duty Free stores when I arrive at Auckland Airport in a couple of month's and I'll definitely be looking at perfume's and prices in Australia.

Do you like this scent, can you recommend other Juicy Couture perfume's I should test?

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Popbasic : The Red Le Breton

Update: 24th July 2014, unfortunately the Red Le Breton has SOLD OUT!

Today, the red Le Breton from Popbasic went live - there's only 10 day's to pre-order!

If your not familiar with Popbasic, it's a US based fashion company (co-owned by an Australian called Madeline (Maddy) Veenstra. Popbasic sell great quality, affordable pieces and usually release a new collection or a single piece every month (this isn't a monthly subscription service) just buy when you see something you like.

In the past few month's they released another Le Breton Top and two collection's called The Paloma (a 3 piece Collection) and recently The Jane (a 2 piece collection). Each collection might have a top, a skirt, a scarf, a piece of jewellery or a bag or is sold as a single piece. I'm still quite new to Popbasic so I don't know previous collection's were sold and which pieces that made up each collection.

My very first Popbasic order was the Navy Blue and White Le Breton Tee which I ordered in May and I received it today. I'm really pleased it's arrived so I can start wearing it and I think it'd pair perfectly with jean's or cord's, denim, a pair of black or navy blue trouser's or a skirt (it'd also be nice with short's but for now being mid-winter I'm not so keen on the idea of wearing short's until Summer).

Pictures ©

Click on the first picture to sign-up to Popbasic using my *Affiliate link and you'll receive US$15 off your first order with Popbasic as well as FREE International Shipping! (please note you can use my referral code once per person). It's free to signup to Popbasic and you'll receive forthcoming Popbasic news by email. 

It happen's to be a nice coincidence the Red Le Breton was launched today because my first Popbasic Le Breton Top (the navy blue and white) arrived so I decided today's video will be a Popbasic Haul which consist's of the blue and white Le Breton Tee and my 3 piece Paloma Collection both of which have unfortunately soldout. 

The Jane Collection consist's of a Blush coloured Tee, a basic Black Pencil Skirt and a Deux Loop Necklace is still available here. The sizing for Jane is: Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large, the necklace is one size only and the 3 piece collection US$75 or $15 off if you use my link (and you haven't made a purchase from Popbasic before).

This afternoon I pre-ordered a Red Le Breton, please look for it in a forthcoming post and/or Haul in August or September. I've been after a Le Breton top for almost a year but I couldn't find one here so thankyou very much Popbasic. The navy blue and white le breton is beautiful. Now I have two Le Breton top's I wonder if Popbasic would release one with either a hot pink stripe or a mint green or even a chartreuse because I'd love either of those le breton's colour's in my wardrobe. The sizing for the Le Breton top's are; Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large. When I get around to posting an outfit of the day wearing the Le Breton I'll definitely post it here and on Instagram and Twitter.

The video link to my first Popbasic Haul is here.

If you have any question's about how Popbasic work's, please comment below, or
tweet me @BalmainBeauty or ask Maddy, the Co-Founder of @Popbasic on Twitter.

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This post isn't Sponsored post by Popbasic. I bought everything in this video with my own money. All opinion's are 100% honest and are my own word's. The photographs are © Popbasic and I've displayed them here to show you what it look's like. Please don't reproduce my content, you may post a link on your blog, website, Like and share on social media and please link to my original or my blog and credit BalmainBeauty The above Popbasic link is my *Affiliate Link. 

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Longchamp : Fall Collection 2014

Every season Longchamp release a new collection. The forthcoming Fall Collection look's right up my street (I'd like one in each colour please plus the matching purse).

I own two Longchamp bag's from their Le Pliage Collection in a Black (Medium) which I bought from one of their stores in Paris in 2011 and a Red/Berry colour (Small) from a London store also in 2011 and they both still look new, the handle on the black bag has patina a little bit but I expected it to do so. I have to admit I wear the black more because it fit's more in it and goes with the majority of my clothing. It's my go to Autumn/Winter bag but I also use it in Summer from time to time.

Here's a post on my first Le Pliage bag here

Do you own a Longchamp bag or do you have a Longchamp Collection? 

The bright colour's look so pretty. I do like a pop of colour in Autumn/Fall.

Click here to view the Fall Collection 2014.

You can find International Longchamp sites here

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm : Coral Crush

I'd usually think of wearing pink, peach and coral lip colour's in Spring and Summer but we're in Winter and I'm sick of the rain and cold so I've started wearing pastel's and lighter lip colour's and blushes. I still have to wear sweater's and cardigan's but at least my makeup is light and the colour's I've been wearing have put a little Spring in my step!

Today, I've got a Coral lip balm by Pixi and I first discovered it after seeing it in one of Essie Button's monthly favourites videos so I asked a friend to see if she could get it 3 for 2 at Boot's or Superdrug, a couple of day's later I found them on Feel Unique, which is my main source of buying UK beauty product's (let me know if you want me to post my favourite UK website's where I buy product's that haven't made it to this part of the world yet). I'm impatient, when I see something I want, I want to buy it straight away but I also prefer to see and swatch it in person but that's not alway's possible given where I live and the time it sometimes takes for product's to launch here.

If you want to buy Pixi, click here for product's on Feel Unique (worldwide shipping).
Unfortunately, it's impossible to swatch due to gloomy winter weather today.
the lip balm's are £8 each (approx NZ$16) and on a 3 for 2 offer on Feel Unique!

Click here to see Estée (Essie Button) wearing the Pixi Pink shade on her lip's.

I like how soft the lip balm is on my lip's, it's a nice wash of colour, it's not a sticky formula, there's no fear of getting it on your teeth, or the product moving outside your lip's (at least it hasn't happened to me), it's a nice product. It's my first Pixi product. I'm happy with Coral Crush. I've also bought the Pixi Pink and Ripe Raspberry lip balm's but I haven't opened them yet because I'm loving Coral Crush.

I like to apply it before I start applying makeup so it's got time to hydrate my lip's.

I think the next product I'd like to try is the Glow Tonic which exfoliates, tones and firms skin. I've heard a lot about it. I'd also like to try a mineral Eyeshadow palette, a Cheek Gel or powder Blush and a couple of their brushes. 

I've started buying #CrueltyFree makeup and skincare so I'm happy to let you know Pixi isn't tested on animal's, click here for more information.

Which Pixi product's have you tried?

Pixi also have their own webshop here / on Feel Unique here
Facebook here / Instagram here and Twitter here


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